Sunday, June 29, 2014

Social Media Day Turned Zoocial Media Day (Part 1: Paradizoo Farm Cavite)

June 28, 2014, while everybody is caught up in the hype of social media day, our group decided to change our route and spend a day without social media.

Made possible by Zoomanity, we were able to reached Mendez Cavite and experienced Paradizoo Farm.

Roaming Chicken Paradizoo 
Paradizoo is 12 hectare home for various farm animals ranging from chicken, cow, goats, horses and even camels. It could be a best place to spend the weekend with your family as the place is full of interactive activities.

Tourguide Karen bloggers interacting with a small horse

Our tour guide for that day is ate Karen. In all fairness with her, she was able to answer all our inquiries kahit medyo out of the blue na yung mga questions namin.

Tanglad Tea 
Bago kami mag-start ng tour, they made us taste their special made Tanglad Tea also known as Lemongrass Tea to beat the heat of the sun.

Paradizoo Tanglad TEa Paradizoo Tanglad TEa 

We started our tour sa mga behind the fence animals, pero usually naman daw, these animals roam around the area.

Rabbit African Sheep Ostrich Fatbelly Pig

You can feed this animals by purchasing animal feeds, medyo mahal nga lang para sakin.

Animal Feeds 

Karen also thought us how to milk goats. Medyo hindi ko lang kinaya kasi naawa ako sa goat, pero according to them, it’s good for the goat.

Kambing na malambing

According to Ate Karen, this is how your hand gesture looks like when milking a goat

IMG_8103 IMG_8104

We also get to mwwt Voltes-5, the five legged cow

IMG_8111 IMG_8110 

Inside Paradizoo, there are still lots of activities the farm can offer. On my next post, I will show you their Pet Cemetery, Butterfly Garden, Honey Bee Farm and my favorite Eclectic Garden.

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