Thursday, May 22, 2014

New Rice Meals and Breakfast Sliders from Figaro

Figaro Rice Meals

Figaro recognizes Filipinos loved for rice and breakfast meals. Having this said, they’ve introduce to us their newest offering for the urban pips.

Let us first take a look with their Rice Meals. For 199Php you can choose from a variety of Filipino dishes that are twisted to fit the Figaro taste.

 Pork Tenderloin in Asian Pesto Sauce. Pork Tenderloin In Pesto Sauce

Pork Tenderloin In Pesto Sauce

What I loved about this meal is the strong taste of pesto. I’m sure it will appeal to all pesto plus meat lovers. Gustong-gusto ko yung pagka-red ng meat niya and the smell of basil leaves dipped in olive oil. Pestong pesto lang talaga.

Breaded Fish With Plum Sauce

Breaded Fish With Plum Sauce

This one is a cream coated dory fish with plum sauce. I tell you, the plum sauce is divine! It tastes so good it matches even with Pork Tenderloin. (well I just tried experimenting with dips, LOL!)

Traditional Adobo  
Traditional Adobo

What’s so special about this for me is the sweetness of their adobo. Since meron akong sweet tooth, this is the kind of adobo na gusto ko. I just don’t like it with the brewed coffee. Maybe I should try this with a different drink.

  Classic Asado
Classic Asado

Most Recommended! Surely a must try! One bite made me fall in love with this meal. It caramelized in my mouth like heaven. It is sweet, but not that kind of sweetness na nakakaumay. This is something na pag-bumalik ako ng figaro, oorderin ko ulit.

All rice meals are for 199php served with 8 oz. brewed coffee.

sliders (3 of 43)

Aside from their rice meals, Figaro also prepared something for on the go pips. Breakfast sliders  includes Egg Slider, Bacon and Egg Slider, Tapa Slider, and Zucchini Slider.

 Zucchini Slider Bacon and Egg Slider Tapa Slider

My personal favorite is the Tapa Slider.  Who doesn’t like tapa anyway? It compliments with the slices of tomato, lettuce, cheese and whatever that special sauce inside. Its also good with the chips served (hindi ko na napicturan). 

my sister @clumsyclariss indulging breakfast sliders

Choose any 2 sliders for 139php served with potato chips and brewed coffee.

For more information visit or like them on facebook at You can also follow them on IG @figarocoffee or twitter @figarocoffeeHQ.

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