Saturday, November 16, 2013

The Angelos at No Other Bar

The Angelos

Philippines only Classical Pop group, The Angelos, is back and I’m lucky enough to catch them perform live at No Other Bar Metrowalk Pasig City.

I’m not getting in to the full details about the group’s past, for what I’m after is their advocacy for music. The Angelos aims for  the younger generation appreciate classical music so they blend it with POP.

the angelos

the angelos

the angelos

I have to admit that their vocal adrenalin is a potential and somehow better than those rising stars today. I fear the group being compared to artists who initially sing the songs their singing, for they really put tneir own new style. I wish they could experiment more on Filipino songs rather than english classics just so they can get out of the conventional.

Their new album could not be a rapid big hit in the country, but I really see bright future if they focus on really reviving OPM classics. I’m looking forward to hear them singing classic rock songs or having rendition of 80’s, 90’s POP like Huling El Bimbo, Himala, etc...

Seeing the Angelos perform live is really refreshing! I have big hopes for the group and wishes that they can get more recognition from us the Filipino audiences.    

To get to know them more visit their website HERE

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