Sunday, November 17, 2013

when X means LOVE!


the symbol X… The symbol that connotes danger, fear and negativity, but with love, X will never be the same as what we all thought about. 

a short clip about cervical cancer

Cervical Cancer is a very known disease that contributes big on the mortality rate of our Filipino women today. Even if its known to be preventable, it is still disregarded because of our undeniably demure culture. Most of the time, women today even if empowered still prioritized family over themselves.With this, I think the call in preventing this disease shouldn’t only be addressed to women, but also to men. If we loved our mother’s as much as we love our future or current behalf, we should get them vaccinated against cervical cancer.

No dramas, If’s and doubts! No more waiting for enticing ads about continuous deaths or celebrity promotions. If you really have a love one in mind that is prone to such disease, X that symbolizes VACCINATION will never be a second thought.

Get your love ones vaccinated against cervical cancer and other killer diseases now!

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Dell Philippines New Computer Line Up

Dell Philippines New Computer Line Up
Dell Philippines had just launch their new line up of computers before the end of 2013. The line up targets on the go students, professionals and entertainment savvy home users. It all comes in touch screen and features that could suite everyone’s lifestyle.

The Angelos at No Other Bar

The Angelos

Philippines only Classical Pop group, The Angelos, is back and I’m lucky enough to catch them perform live at No Other Bar Metrowalk Pasig City.

I’m not getting in to the full details about the group’s past, for what I’m after is their advocacy for music. The Angelos aims for  the younger generation appreciate classical music so they blend it with POP.