Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Why I want Jonathan #AAJon and Celina #AACelina win Apprentice Asia?



It’s now down to 6 and our dear Filipino contenders, #AAJon and #AACelina, are still on the running spot of becoming the 1st Apprentice Asia winner.

Why I’m rooting for them?

We'll obviously its because I’m Pinoy and just by watching them compete you’ll see how deserving they are compare to other competitors.


I love how Jonathan plays the game by striking a move depending on how his contenders behave and reacts on the team. He is not playing things safe, yet he keeps his self on the game. I like how he converse with Tony Fernandez on every boardroom meeting, fierce and professional and as Tony said on his episode 6 Vlog, Jonathan is a sure potential on becoming his apprentice.

It’s funny, but whenever we’re watching Apprentice Asia, we shout to joy every time Jonathan save his self from getting fired. Truly, his tongue inside the boardroom is always on FIIIRRRREEEE!


Celina is way long different from Jonathan. She is very transparent with her emotions in the boardroom. You can see it just by watching her rebut on every crucial scenarios, but that doesn’t mean she’s weak. Her ways is very Filipina, sophisticated, calm, and intelligent. I love how she deal with team losses. She expresses her opinions in a very intelligent manner that arguing with her can get one fired.(Hahahahaha –evil laugh) Its very wise of her on the 4th episode, when she told Nestle’s personnel that they we’re promoting the online sales as an excuse of wrong product placement on their design. I really like how she deals with her mistakes and play around with her good contenders. 

If I’m one of the contestants in this reality game show, I would definitely watch out for these two. They are a mixture of bomb, silent, but can be very explosive once touched. 

I’ am very positive and proud about them just by getting into these competition. They represent a true Filipino characteristic in competing and just like them, we should also do our part, by supporting them like how we Filipinos do in Bayanihan.

Catch them tonight Wednesday for the 7th Episode on AXN channel at 9PM.

You can also follow them on twitter at @celinaleneindre and @jonathanyabut. Like them also on facebook just by clicking their names Celina and Jonathan.

Let us all support our Filipino pride in raising our flag around Asia and soon the world. #teamPH po tayo!

Winking smile

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