Friday, July 5, 2013

MUSIC IN THE DARK: When my thoughts about music burst on my hands


I was able to attend a press conference for an advocacy project of (GSK) GlaxoSmithKline’s HIMIG NG KALINGA supported by doctor recommended Paracetamol Calpol. It’s a project in which GSK volunteers visit hospitals to provide music therapy to children with health problems. The volunteers of course undergone training under Ms. Celeste Sanchez who is considered Mother of Music Therapy in the Philippines. I believe that there is no really alternative with proper medication, but this is atleast something that everyone should know. That there is something in Music that soothes one heart and soul that medicines can never give our bodies. It is an open ended thing that only the feelings you get from listening will make you understand. 

Music therapy is an interpersonal process in which a therapist use music for the intervention of someone that is ill or diagnosed with poor health. This kind of process is being used during ancient time, because of the belief that music has a healing force. Today, many use it for entertainment while others use it as an alternative to medicine.

My use of music does not differ from anybody else. Some use it for entertainment while others use it as an alternative to medicine. But what are the music to use for intervention? Well they say it should be something smooth and non-lyrical. Those music that fall under the classical, but I strongly suggest we search and listen to our Filipino original classical music. 

Classical music is the sanity of my insanity. It helps me concentrate, focus, and relax through rough times. Whenever I listen to any kind of music, I 'am being immersed to different places and scenarios that help me escape the cruelty of the city’s environment. It soothes to my inner soul and helps me bring out the best of me in my everyday doings. Whatever my ears consider music in which I listen to, shapes who I’ am.

When it comes to the saying that Philippines is a country of singers, AHEM! I personally attest to that! Kidding aside, I don’t know anyone here in PH who doesn’t love music. Even before birth, mothers sings to their babies, Karaoke is everywhere 24 hours available on streets or even on beaches, Native children jumps inside our public transportation, begs for money and create music using only cans and rubbers and sticks! You can never deny that music in our country is everywhere making it a country of music aficionados. Unfortunately, our true Filipino music are becoming more rare and less appreciated.

A musician friend of mine told me that our true Filipino music is endemic. He said that it follows a rhythm that you cannot put into music sheets. Something, that is truly original and I call it soul sucker. Because once you hear it, you will surely indulge in with the beat. Well, I heard a Mangyan child doing it inside the jeepney and I think, only those who don’t have a heart would not appreciate it. Anyway, these are the music that are forgotten, left in the shadows of the past. Never appreciated unless mixed with modernity. Something I call pretentious.

What really differs from today’s music versus the classical ones are not really the tempo or the jive, but rather on how it affects an individual. Today’s music gives me everything, the emotion, the lyrics and even the moves, but classical ones makes us think, breath and make uses of our anatomical purpose. It makes us human. It lets us interpret and appreciate. Something that today’s music can never give.

I think our original music is now in the dark, and will always remain there unless we start appreciating and passing them to our future generation.

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