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KPub Food Review

KPub Food Review

Located at the heart of Bonifacio Global City, near the Fort Strip is a bar that feature Korean Pop Entertainment. KPUB is the first Korean themed and Heineken bar here in the Philippines, that is why I consider myself lucky to get an opportunity to try it for the first time. Well, I never got to try the bar, because we went there on lunch, but still I got to taste their meals. HOHO!

KPub offer delicacies that soothes every appetite. They got A La Carte and Meat All You Can Meals that would delight every korean food lovers.

 Meat All You Can Meals  
Meat all you can promo got 2 packages. One is worth 499 with an hour limit on your seats as soon as all meats are served. Second is the 899 package with no time limit, additional premium meats and entrees. Both package come with limitless soup, salad and side dishes.

 Meat All You Can Meals   Meat All You Can Meals   Meat All You Can Meals   Meat All You Can Meals

Meat all you can is something that I really enjoyed, because I got to cooked and personalized my own meal depending on my taste. But if you're the kind of person who wants to be served, their KPOP clad waiters are ready to assist and cook for you. I also like the meats that were serve 

Next stop is their A La Carte meals. Let’s start with Rice Meals.

Chicken Bulgogi 
Here is my favorite meal “Chicken Bulgogi”. The meat was tender and it’s the kind of taste that Pinoy would look for a dish.


Their “Bibimbap” is also good, it’s just not the kind of recipe I like in a meal. Anyway, the mixed veggies was cooked well, but its not really my favorite mix.

All rice meals are served with 3 banchangs and soup for 375php.

Kimchi Soup with Pork It was raining hard and the weather was really cold when I got to KPub Bar, but this “Kimchi Soup with Pork” got me sweating like an athlete. I admit the spicy flavor is tolerable, but I just can’t help my self, but to drink plenty of cold drinks or eat more of the rice meals. Hahaha!

Stew soups are available at 320php with 3 banchangs and steamed rice.

Seafood Pajeon

For 320php, “Seafood Pajeon” is something that can be enjoyed by bibingka lovers who wants some twist. It taste exactly like bibingka, its just spicy with chunks of shrimp and other seafood ingredients.

KPub Review

KPub Review

KPub Review

The place is very spacious with 450 plus seating capacity and a stage with giant video wall good for big and intimate events.

To know more about KPub Bar and Restaurant, CLICK HERE.

Here’s my snap shot of their A La Carte Menu.

KPub Review

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