Friday, June 7, 2013

Yellow Kitchen: Adobo Cream Pasta and 3 Mushroom Pesto Panini Review

                                Adobo Cream Pasta Yellow kitchen3 Mushroom Pesto Panini

One thing that you should never miss if you visit Cucina Andare in Ayala, is Yellow Kitchen’s best seller Adobo Cream Pasta. For 100php you’ll have a bowl of unique tasting pasta that is truly a Filipino style.

Personally, this is one of my favorites in my Cucina Andare experience. I love its creaminess and flavor. Top with pure pork meat, onion chives, garlic and mozzarella cheese, Adobo cream pasta is a sure delight. The sweetness of adobo is present and doesn’t spoil my taste buds.

I tried this meal on rice and it tasted better. I think it’s the kind of food that is for combination. Well, you got to try it yourself to know.

Next food is 3 Mushroom Pesto Panini, a diet meal good for every ages. I LOVE THE SMELL of this pesto sandwich for 80php. Not sweet, not salty, Its just the right amount of taste that is also good to eat after or before any meal.

Yellow Kitchen also serve and cater food in trays. To know more about their services, contact Marion at 09151154242 or 09178851812 

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