Sunday, June 9, 2013

Wrap Battle Beef Nacho Wrap Review

Wrap Battle Beef Nacho Wrap Review

Included in my Cucina Andare experience is Wrap Battle’s Beef Nacho Wrap - a thin pan heated Pita filled with beef, vegies like tomatoes, oinons and chop cabbages, nacho sauce and crispy tortilla chips. A sure wrap of surprise for every nachos and shawarma lovers.

Beef Nacho Wrap is a real thing. What I mean by this is, it’s not like others who promises fully loaded stuff and then give you nothing but air. The bottom for me is the best, because of its crispy tortilla chips that makes me ask for more (but ofcourse I did not do that, if only, yeah right whatever). And also, I like how they wrap it for easy eating pleasure. I can’t think of any that I don’t like from what I’ve tasted so, I totally recommend that you try it once you visit Cucina Andare. For 100php, Beef Nacho Wrap is a sure deal for every foodie in the metro.

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