Sunday, June 2, 2013


Yes it’s tofu nuggets made special by our very own Chef Martin! Yummy!!!

Tofu Nuggets by Martin A

Ingredients are the following:

Skyflakes crackers

Quantity? Neeehhh That depends on you guys! Winking smile

Tofu Nuggets by Martin A
Crush skyflakes crackers till it looks like breadcrumbs.

Tofu Nuggets by Martin A  
Dip the tofu in a bowl with beaten egg & crushed pepper.

Tofu Nuggets

Roll it on the crush skyflakes crackers until…

Tofu Nuggets

…it looks like this (picture above)

Tofu Nuggets

Fry it until it turns golden brown and woilah!

You have a very healthy and delicious Tofu Nuggets! Best with Soysauce mixed with vinegar, calamansi, onion (white and red) and cucumber.

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