Saturday, June 8, 2013

Mexikanto’s Beef Quesadilla Review

MexiKanto’s Beef Quesadilla Review


MexiKanto Beef Quesadilla is something that I would want to have while watching a movie. With a size like a pie and a wrap filled with overwhelming pure beef and cheese, this food is a one hell of a Quesadilla experience.

I don’t know if their presentation is just the way it is, but they covered the quesadilla with crispy nachos. You have to set aside the nachos first just so you can see the wrap. It taste just like of a shawarma, the only difference is the cheesiness. In one bite, all its cheesiness will overflow in your mouth. The thing that I really love about this.

If you’re a cheese aficionado, this one is a must try. Mexikanto can be found on Facebook. You can also catch them on Cucina Andare, Ayala Makati every Thursday, Friday and Saturday 4pm onwards.     

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