Saturday, June 8, 2013

Carlo’s Kitchen Crunchy Belly Review

Carlo’s Kitchen Crunchy Belly

Crunchy and finger licking good, a Filipino version of bacon made to look like our favorite chicharon. Crunchy Belly is obviously made out pork belly and amazingly, deliciously made into perfection! Upon tasting a piece, I feel like saying “Ilabas na yung beer at may pulutan na tayo!”. Cruchy belly is good with or without vinegar. It is surely a food requirement for any meat lovers in the metro. I believe this a hit for pulutan and pica-pica or as an appetizer. I haven’t tried eating it with rice, but I wish to, maybe on second try. It’s crunchiness and original taste is addictive,that you have to be in control when eating since we all know it could be high in cholesterol.

Crunchy Belly is also available Cucina Andare, Ayala Makati.

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