Thursday, June 20, 2013

Toshiba Launches New Laptops for June 2013

In its continuous goal to lead innovation, Toshiba had just launched five laptops designed for specific consumers. Lets stream down these five laptops and see what’s best for our wants and daily needs.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Man of Steel Movie Review: My shaky experience

Authentic and Original, that's how I can describe this year's Superman movie - with lots of shaky and zooming camera shots, eye popping visual effects, and a clear plot, this is for sure a movie that fits and can be enjoyed by every ages.  

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Food Hopping ba kamo? Cucina Andare try mo!

Cucina Andare

At the heart of Philippines Business Capital lies a new place that food hoppers must visit. Cucina Andare, the first food truck market in the country that has its operations every thursday, friday, and saturday in front of Glorietta 3 from 4pm onwards.

Cuisiniers Roast Beef, Chicken & Pork BBQ Review

Cuisiniers Roast Beef, Chicken & Pork BBQ Review

In my quest of tasting good food in Cucina Andare Ayala, My tongue landed and was able to taste wonderful recipes of love made from a lovely sounding name of brand “cuisiniers”

Wrap Battle Beef Nacho Wrap Review

Wrap Battle Beef Nacho Wrap Review

Included in my Cucina Andare experience is Wrap Battle’s Beef Nacho Wrap - a thin pan heated Pita filled with beef, vegies like tomatoes, oinons and chop cabbages, nacho sauce and crispy tortilla chips. A sure wrap of surprise for every nachos and shawarma lovers.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Abhie’s Kitchen Fusilli Review

Abhie’s Kitchen Fusilli ReviewOrdering Spaghetti has never been this fun! And if you’re choosy of what pasta dish is best for your tummy, Abhie’s Kitchen can make it up for you. 3 steps in ordering, Step 1, choose your pasta, Step 2, choose your sauce and Step 3, choose your ingredients. To make it more special, they will personally cook it for you.

Mexikanto’s Beef Quesadilla Review

MexiKanto’s Beef Quesadilla Review


MexiKanto Beef Quesadilla is something that I would want to have while watching a movie. With a size like a pie and a wrap filled with overwhelming pure beef and cheese, this food is a one hell of a Quesadilla experience.

I don’t know if their presentation is just the way it is, but they covered the quesadilla with crispy nachos. You have to set aside the nachos first just so you can see the wrap. It taste just like of a shawarma, the only difference is the cheesiness. In one bite, all its cheesiness will overflow in your mouth. The thing that I really love about this.

If you’re a cheese aficionado, this one is a must try. Mexikanto can be found on Facebook. You can also catch them on Cucina Andare, Ayala Makati every Thursday, Friday and Saturday 4pm onwards.     

Carlo’s Kitchen Crunchy Belly Review

Carlo’s Kitchen Crunchy Belly

Crunchy and finger licking good, a Filipino version of bacon made to look like our favorite chicharon. Crunchy Belly is obviously made out pork belly and amazingly, deliciously made into perfection! Upon tasting a piece, I feel like saying “Ilabas na yung beer at may pulutan na tayo!”. Cruchy belly is good with or without vinegar. It is surely a food requirement for any meat lovers in the metro. I believe this a hit for pulutan and pica-pica or as an appetizer. I haven’t tried eating it with rice, but I wish to, maybe on second try. It’s crunchiness and original taste is addictive,that you have to be in control when eating since we all know it could be high in cholesterol.

Crunchy Belly is also available Cucina Andare, Ayala Makati.

For more information, like them on facebook or email them at

Rice Pots: Fried Rice Review

Rice Pots: Fried Rice Review

One thing most of us Filipino cannot live without is Rice. A kind of carb that is very essential in our every meal. Rice that would definitely taste better with flavors, something that Rice Pots, a food kiosk in Cucina Andare in Ayala Makati, can offer.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Ping Gu Mushroom Fries Review

Ping Gu Mushroom Fries Review

Addicting! That’s the word to describe this awesome, amazing discovery. For me, this is best than any other potato fries I have tasted before. Its not oily even if it is deep fried in Canola oil. They fry white Oyster Mushroom coated with special breading in front of you just so you can be sure it’s harvested freshly.

Yellow Kitchen: Adobo Cream Pasta and 3 Mushroom Pesto Panini Review

                                Adobo Cream Pasta Yellow kitchen3 Mushroom Pesto Panini

One thing that you should never miss if you visit Cucina Andare in Ayala, is Yellow Kitchen’s best seller Adobo Cream Pasta. For 100php you’ll have a bowl of unique tasting pasta that is truly a Filipino style.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Elders doing Cha-Cha Dabarkads Dance Craze

Mouth open… Arms spread… Big smile… you know the drill when you hear the song Cha-Cha Dabarkads, popularized by the child performer Ryzza Mae Dizon. A novelty music every Filipino could relate and dance with, especially our elders. But how can it be possible for them to follow the beat and groove in every steps if they are encountering health issues that affects their senior dream lifestyle and transform them to null.

Health issues that are usually unrecognized for that thought that it is included in the aging process. Unrecognized, for the thought that those who can only do regular diet and exercise are naturally healthy and not malnourished.

The truth, proper diet and food absorption is the key to being healthy.

Studies show that the proper mastication of our food is a major contributing factor on whether we properly absorb its nutrients. While for most of us, chewing is not a major concern, 28% of the population may have trouble chewing their food because they are either toothless or are properly/not properly wearing dentures.

A healthy life in every bite

Good thing, GlaxoSmithKline, the maker of Polident, in cooperation with dental experts created an advocacy event titled, A HEALTHY LIFE IN EVERY BITE, empowering and educating our senior citizen to a healthy lifestyle by highlighting the effects of improper use and care of dentures.

Akala Mo Ice Cream, Itlog Pala (-_-)


Nabiktima pa ko ng mga itlog na to. :3

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Dell Vostro 5460 now in the Philippines

Vostro 5460 NotebookVostro 5460 NotebookVostro 5460 Notebook

The Ultrathin Vostro 5460 is now available in the Philippines as announced by Dell Company, just today at Holiday Inn and Suite Makati. It is said to be the thinnest and lightest 14-inch vostro laptop to date, that delivers more power and portability for different types of users.

Thin, Sleek, and Professional that’s how they describe their new gadget that comes in Silver and soon Red color. The battery life is 5 hours as it is supported by a 3 cell-cell integrated Lithium Ion battery and weigh only 3 lbs at the starting price of Php 35,990.

This Vostro 5460 comes standard with Dell’s In-Home Service after Remote Diagnosis, as well as Dell Backup and Recovery Manager for reliable and fuss-free data protection. For added security of personal data and system files, the Ultrabook configuration also comes with Intel Anti-Theft Technology and Identity Protection Technology. Just call 1 800 1601 0062 or Local Hotline Number (+632) 663 2000.

For more information like Dell Philippines on Facebook or visit

Monday, June 3, 2013

Ateneo De Davao University: “…Cebu Pacific. You Do Not Deserve Customers!”

Shame on Cebu Pacific. If I am the one who were locked inside the flight 5J 971 and experienced such horrible claims, I would tell Cebu Pacific to fully terminate their operations. If they cannot guarantee the safety of their every passengers, they surely doesn’t deserve customers. I’ve already heard and watched over the news several complaints about their management. I have also experienced delayed flight on our way to Puerto Princessa last year. To add up, here’s what Ateneo De Davao President has to say:

Ateneo De Davao Boycott CebuPac

So after reading this, would you still want to travel with them? I don’t think so.

Keep Safe!

Sunday, June 2, 2013


Yes it’s tofu nuggets made special by our very own Chef Martin! Yummy!!!

Tofu Nuggets by Martin A

Ingredients are the following:

Skyflakes crackers

Quantity? Neeehhh That depends on you guys! Winking smile

Tofu Nuggets by Martin A
Crush skyflakes crackers till it looks like breadcrumbs.

Tofu Nuggets by Martin A  
Dip the tofu in a bowl with beaten egg & crushed pepper.

Tofu Nuggets

Roll it on the crush skyflakes crackers until…

Tofu Nuggets

…it looks like this (picture above)

Tofu Nuggets

Fry it until it turns golden brown and woilah!

You have a very healthy and delicious Tofu Nuggets! Best with Soysauce mixed with vinegar, calamansi, onion (white and red) and cucumber.

Iron Deficiency on Filipino Women

Have anyone told you the joke kamukha mo si Nadine? Nope, not the well-known Nadine Samonte, but rather nadimonyo. A joke that will never be taken seriously until we look at the mirror and realize that the joke has its point. Now that the society we’re living in is prone to different kinds of stressors, such mean jokes can be an alarming reminder that we should take care of ourselves and our environment. Unfortunately, according to World Health Organization, 3 out of 5 women of reproductive age are prone to iron deficiency. The signs includes lack of focus, looking pale, and always looking fatigue. It is also said that these signs are mostly disregarded by women even if they’re already seeing it in the mirror.

With this, Sangobion created an Iron Deficiency Awareness show with a fictional character SALAMINKERA, interpreted by the comedian Giselle Sanchez. A show that talks about the challenges that women usually face from love life, family life, beauty, and personal life to how Sangobion can help them make through everyday.



Sangobion is an organic iron with vitamins and minerals which gives women a boost and help them prevent  the 3 signs of Iron deficiency.



Catch SALAMINKERA in a free show for the public at the Lower Ground Floor, Building A of SM Megamall on June 9. There will also be exciting booths, activities, and freebies that await everybody.


For more info visit or

Budget Conscious for Flops? Nutmeg Flip flops Is Surely For You!

Are you the type of girl na mahilig sa mura pero hindi pwedeng basta basta? Well if you are what I’m talking about, this post is surely for you!

Classy. Sassy. Never Pricey! That’s how they front their brand of flip flops to different kinds of girls with different kinds of taste.

Nutmeg, a sister brand of Banana Peel, have something for our every modern young and young-at-heart Filipina that’ll make them go gaga for flip flops!

For fancy girls who loves floral stuff, cosmopolitan category is surely for you:

Zooper Squad Collection copy

If you’re the kind that loves variations, here are their basic categories:

Dottie Dots Collection_BasicZooper Squad Collection copyZooper Squad Collection copy

Gotta be tall and proud with these surely cool looking flops from their wedge category:

Pumped Collection_WedgeTwist Collection_Wedge

What more can you ask with these amazing line of fancy awesomeness?

To know more about nutmeg flip flops visit their facebook fanpage.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

ABA si ABRA!: Ilusyon Music Video

This is what celebrities should make of their God given gifts! A well groove production value spent for a very meaningful message. Watch this Music Video from the little rapper with a big voice in the industry for his country. Abra in ILUSYON

Galing diba? Winking smile