Friday, April 26, 2013

Ironman Kung Nasaan Ka Man!

I still cannot believe up until now kung paano kami nakapanood ng Ironman 3 sa newport cinema kanina. To start it all, I was invited by nuffnang to watch in exchange of a blog post about their client. Sobrang excited because its for free, we went out of our house at 6pm. An hour before the registration, since malapit lang naman ang newport sa amin. Sobrang init pa nung time na yun at hindi matapos tapos ang pagrereklamo namin sa init. From market-market, we rode a jeepney to nichols bridge. Sobrang kuwentuhan pa kami sa jeep about our expectations about the movie etc. Pagbaba namin, ayun natangay ang wallet ko ni ironman. Sobrang bilis ng mga pangyayari that we didn’t have time to panic.  We wish to run, but it could lead us to our death since it’s a major road.

Having no choice but to walk, nilakad namin from nichols to newport. This was not the first time I lost a wallet with money in it, but I don’t know why I didn’t feel bad about this incident. Maybe ironman needs it more than I do. Atleast, maybe in some ways I was able to help ironman, or maybe God wants us to appreciate the cold air he is giving us that time with usok nga lang pero lumamig talaga. Reklamo daw kasi kami ng reklamo sa init. LOL!
Pointers…. Huwag pagsamahin ang pera. Dapat magsuksok ng magsuksok kung saan-saan pwede magsuksok. In case of emergency lang naman.Dapat din wag ma-reklamo sa init. I-appreciate na lang natin ang summer heat. Also, maging mapagbigay upang hindi manganib ang iyong buhay. Ok na na nawala yung wallet, buti nga walang nangyaring masama samin and hindi rin natangay yung mga gadgets namin. Pera lang siguro talaga ang kailangan ni ironman.
Buti na nga lang si Mr. BatangIskawt and her wife was there. Ayun utang utang hahaha! But still no regrets! A new experience earned and story I wish somehow worth telling to. 

T-Shirts + Street Art + UT Camera from UT POP-UP Shop

UT Tees
The day after I wrote about Uniqlo’s event in Ayala Triangle, I decided to pay a visit just so I can experience the taste of UT Pop-Up Shop here in Manila.
First stop, we come face to face with our very own talent who happens to be one of the finalists in Uniqlo’s global T-Shirt Design competition, Karlo Victoriano. Karlo is a motion graphic artist at ABS-CBN and the only Filipino entry that was included in the 12 runner up winners at the said competition.
Karlo UT Design
Karlo Victoriano
Also seen at the event are different street art installations.
Lastly, the event highlight that I did not just let go off without giving a try is the UT Camera.
After choosing UT Shirt to wear and strike different movements in front of standby UT Cameras, all we did is wait until such image project on their huge LED screen.
OJsv5N2d_152x203That was me with my fav tshirt design, spinning kuya rain in yellow.

The thing I love about after creating your bragging UT moving images is that you will received a 200php discount which can be used in any Uniqlo store.
To know more about Uniqlo, visit their website at You can also check other cool moving stills at UT Camera Galley.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Something’s Up at Ayala Triangle Tomorrow! UT POP-UP! T-SHIRT SHOP

So you think you can handle something like this here in MNL?

On its 10th year of selling creative UTs (Uniqlo T-shirts) around the world, UNIQLO will be celebrating here in MNL with a BANG as it opens its large-scale pop up shop at the heart of Ayala Triangle, Makati. The Pop-Up shop will be open for two days starting tomorrow April 25 to April 26 from 10AM to 10PM!!!! Expect a variety of tees and limited edition designs that could be part of your collection spree. They will also be featuring street art installments from our very own talents.

Also featured at this event is this smart phone app named UT - CAMERA that can make you an instant Uniqlo tees ambassador worldwide. How’s is that possible? All you need to do is to follow the steps below.

After downloading the application at Google Play you can now proceed to step 1.


Doing this on tomorrows event will give you a chance to be featured on the venues installed LED screen or directly on Uniqlo’s website (see sample shots here). Now if you don’t have phones compatible for such application, NO WORRIES!!!! They will also set up UT CAMERAS around the area so you could just strike a pose and be seen internationally.

See you there!!!

LISTEN: Acute Otitis Media On Children

It is true that prevention is better than cure, but how can it always be true if what we are preventing is unknown to our knowledge.
AOM or Acute Otitis Media is defined as middle ear inflammation which is very common to children but not limited to adults as well. AOM is the 8th leading ailments among Filipino Children  and 1 out of 2 children in the Philippines will had at least 1 episode of AOM before they reach the age of 3. If not prevented early through vaccination and proper care, AOM can lead to loss of hearing and further result will be delayed mental development for children.
I used to have a problem with my ears back when I was a child and I remember dad bringing me to a local clinic just so a physician can check me. It is not merely that I loss hearing. I just can’t resist stirring my ears with my finger till it hurts. If I’m not mistaken, the physician insert a tube like thingy in my ears where a water seems to come out, eradicating excessive dirt inside. The feeling was awesome, but after seeing what comes out of my ears didn’t make me feel like eating my dinner. 
Good thing that here in the Philippines, Otitis Media Group, a group making effort to prevent such disease, headed by Dr. Genoroso  “Gene” Abes had launched a medical handbook that is first of its kind titled “ACUTE OTITIS MEDIA IN CHILDREN: CURRENT EVIDENCE - BASED RECOMMENDATIONS FOR PRIMARY CARE PHYSICIANS 2013”. The handbook aims to help primary care physicians further understand AOM. It covers the diagnosis, treatment of AOM in children and full understanding of its complications. 

Monday, April 22, 2013

Sun Cellular, The Good Choice in Postpaid


The heat of the summer is still on with Sun Cellular’s Hottest Postpaid plans.  With Plan 600 and Plan 990, postpaid will never be a worry for those who don’t want to spend much on their load allowances but yearning for unlimited offers. Sun Cellular’s strong signal that makes it the widest coverage yet affordable makes it undeniably  the good choice in post paid.


And like the home tv shopping line goes “but wait, there’s more!”, heres more reason why Sun Cellular is the good choice in postpaid.

Plan 600 that offers Unlimited Sun-to-Sun calls and texts, P250 worth calls to other networks/Sun-to-Sun MMS, and 350 texts to other networks comes along with the following Phones: Alcatel OT-978, Nokia Asha 303, LG Optimus L3, Alcatel OT-916D and LG L5.

On the other hand, Plan 990 offers Unlimited texts to Sun, 4hrs of Call to Sun and Unlimited Mobile internet comes along with Samsung Galaxy Grand, LG L7 or HTC Desire X.

So for those of you looking for Post Paid Plans that is undeniably good and affordable, visit the Sun Shop now or call (02) 395-8000 or visit for more information.