Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Tinito Spaghetti–A Very Special Recipe

Hell yeah! I cook!And Yes! You can suck it that it’s yummy, affordable and healthy! Smile with tongue out
Tinito Spaghetti–A Very Special Recipe
I’m not good in math so you won’t seen computations of price and ingredients here.
My Tinito Spaghetti is consists of the following ingredients that can be found in our kitchen and beloved refrigerator. I assume that it can also be available in yours. Winking smile
- white onions, but it can always be read
- Green bell pepper
- mushrooms, the canned one
- liver spread
- Tuna in flakes
- cheese
- pepper lots of pepper
- Tomato Sauce
- Pasta, whatever pasta

- you can include clams Winking smile
- CARROTS!!!! lots of crashed carrots!

tinito spaghetti
Cook it the way you cook a spaghetti. The only difference is, when cooking the sauce, mix the carrots last so it’ll make the sauce orange. Be creative and don’t be a dead fish that just go with flow and the usual Smile with tongue outTinito Spaghetti–A Very Special Recipe
If you’re going to ask me, the difference between my Tinito to other spaghetti, beside love of course, is the sauce. Tinito should be orange and a bit spicy, which makes it more interesting to eat.
For orders, neh!, I cook once in a blue moon and I don’t stick to the usual. I tell you once you taste my cooking, you’ll always crave for it! Bwhahahaahha! Smile with tongue out

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