Friday, March 22, 2013

Katsu Café: Katsu Curry Rice Review

After office, my partner and I decided to pay a visit and eat at a new resto in Banawe Avenue, Quezon City.
Katsu Café
Katsu Café is a small Japanese Restaurant that has a minimalist take on its interior design. Unlike others, Katsu Café do not post big signage’s and photos of food on their walls, which is interesting because it gives me a mysterious sense of what kind of food they offer.
Katsu Café
The room music fits the place and with such ambience, you can surely eat here whether in group or if you’re in the mood of being alone.
Katsu Curry Rice Review
We ordered two sets of their specialty dishes, the Katsu Curry Rice and the Tonkatsu Set.
Katsu Curry Rice Review
I ordered Katsu Curry rice for 235php. May sound ordinary, but once served, you will surely be delighted by its curry aroma plus the tender deep fried meat cutlets covered with panko breading. I love how they cooked the meat to perfection. The sesame seeds match their real Japanese rice (I experienced eating fake japs rice in a japs resto so I would know). The curry sauce is heaven with the well cooked and still crunchy potatoes and carrots.
Katsu Curry Rice Review
Tonkatsu Set
My partner ordered Tonkatsu Set (Katsu Café Budget Meal). To see the review click HERE.
For more information about Katsu Café you may visit their facebook fanpage

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  1. Masarap nga yung curry nila, but most of the time ang order ko is from their katsu set meals para unlimited rice