Saturday, March 30, 2013

LG Optimus Me P350 Cellphone Black and White Photography

LG Optimus Me P350
LG Optimus Me P350
LG Optimus Me P350
LG Optimus Me P350
Besides its glossy interface, one thing that I love about this cellphone is its camera,. I like the feel of the shades of its black and white feature even in videos. Its 3.0 mega pixels really works for me that I even want to make a short film using it. Winking smile

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Vaniderm Gugo and Aloe Vera Shampoo Review

Vaniderm Gugo and Aloe Vera Shampoo Review
As an advocate of earth’s going green movement, I started buying eco-friendly stuff and organic substance for home and body use.
One that I’m currently using is Vaniderm Gugo and Aloe Vera Shampoo. Yeah, I know it sounds old since we usually hear Gugo from oldies, but thus proves its effectivity right? Gugo is a kind of plant and its extract is known in making hair flawlessly shiny and prevent its loss.

One thing that I liked about this product are the ingredients. It’s all natural, Aloe Vera plus Virgin Coconut Oil plus Banana Extract, what more can I ask? I’ve been using it for a week and I’m satisfied. The scent is very Gugo. It’s relaxing and soothing once applied on scalp. I just missed the menthol feeling of my old shampoo when I first tried Vaniderm. Anyway, my mom really loved it that she even ask for a bottle of her own.
I hate to say this but, what I don’t like about this product is the packaging. I wish the sticker could be glossy so its not that easily torn by water. Also, its promotion doesn’t look sincere for young peeps. (sorry for being OC about such) I’m not sure if the problem is with the photographs of the models or the editing. It doesn’t look like a hair ad rather a young emerging talent ad. Good thing I’m not that easily influenced by ADS.
Young people should use this kind of shampoo because we’re already prone from different toxins in our environment. Some of which are the ones that we use for our body. Using natural materials are better than depending our future to waste promises seen through sparkling ads. So why not give this product a try.
Vaniderm Shampoo is available at Mercury Drugs (click here to order online) or call (02) 9117854 for stock availability & branch location.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Katsu Café: Katsu Curry Rice Review

After office, my partner and I decided to pay a visit and eat at a new resto in Banawe Avenue, Quezon City.
Katsu Café
Katsu Café is a small Japanese Restaurant that has a minimalist take on its interior design. Unlike others, Katsu Café do not post big signage’s and photos of food on their walls, which is interesting because it gives me a mysterious sense of what kind of food they offer.
Katsu Café
The room music fits the place and with such ambience, you can surely eat here whether in group or if you’re in the mood of being alone.
Katsu Curry Rice Review
We ordered two sets of their specialty dishes, the Katsu Curry Rice and the Tonkatsu Set.
Katsu Curry Rice Review
I ordered Katsu Curry rice for 235php. May sound ordinary, but once served, you will surely be delighted by its curry aroma plus the tender deep fried meat cutlets covered with panko breading. I love how they cooked the meat to perfection. The sesame seeds match their real Japanese rice (I experienced eating fake japs rice in a japs resto so I would know). The curry sauce is heaven with the well cooked and still crunchy potatoes and carrots.
Katsu Curry Rice Review
Tonkatsu Set
My partner ordered Tonkatsu Set (Katsu Café Budget Meal). To see the review click HERE.
For more information about Katsu Café you may visit their facebook fanpage

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Tinito Spaghetti–A Very Special Recipe

Hell yeah! I cook!And Yes! You can suck it that it’s yummy, affordable and healthy! Smile with tongue out
Tinito Spaghetti–A Very Special Recipe
I’m not good in math so you won’t seen computations of price and ingredients here.
My Tinito Spaghetti is consists of the following ingredients that can be found in our kitchen and beloved refrigerator. I assume that it can also be available in yours. Winking smile
- white onions, but it can always be read
- Green bell pepper
- mushrooms, the canned one
- liver spread
- Tuna in flakes
- cheese
- pepper lots of pepper
- Tomato Sauce
- Pasta, whatever pasta

- you can include clams Winking smile
- CARROTS!!!! lots of crashed carrots!

tinito spaghetti
Cook it the way you cook a spaghetti. The only difference is, when cooking the sauce, mix the carrots last so it’ll make the sauce orange. Be creative and don’t be a dead fish that just go with flow and the usual Smile with tongue outTinito Spaghetti–A Very Special Recipe
If you’re going to ask me, the difference between my Tinito to other spaghetti, beside love of course, is the sauce. Tinito should be orange and a bit spicy, which makes it more interesting to eat.
For orders, neh!, I cook once in a blue moon and I don’t stick to the usual. I tell you once you taste my cooking, you’ll always crave for it! Bwhahahaahha! Smile with tongue out

The Ineffective MRT Scheme

The Ineffective MRT Scheme
The difference between yellow and gray arrows, besides their colors, are their sense of being.
I believe the gray arrow is for people getting of the train while the yellow is for passengers standing in line, waiting till they can enter the vehicle.
The reason behind is to avoid red head pips and series of unfortunate events.
UNFORTUNATELY, it seems that most of us have different interpretations of such arrows.
Meaning? TAX WASTED.
My suggestion would be bigger trains like LRT 2 instead of bigger signage's that might be making other pocket big.
Change will never be effective if the one feeding it can never even swallow change. Winking smile

2 Broke Girls Nailing Up My Viewing Habit

I hate most television programs until 2 Broke Girls came into my attention.
I think I fell in love with Kat Denning’s (black hair) character, Max and her….
…cupcakes. Winking smile
Anyway, it’s appealing for me because first, it talks about savings, second, it speaks about weeds and how to crack up things in life so you can just go and enjoy it and third, its always about sucking pride over simple living.
2 broke girls is not just about 2 broke individuals. Its about every individuals taking their lives one step at a time.
It’s direct yet full of silly dilly stuff that will surely leave all your worries behind.
You can watch it on ETC every Wednesday 8:30PM here in the Philippines local channel.

Mine, I just download it online so I can catch up on its latest episodes. 

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Adobo Design Awards 2013 CALL FOR ENTRIES

Big break is not all about winning. It’s about having guts to showcase what you got.
Whether you’re an amateur or pro, you’re all invited to showcase your artworks at 2013 ADOBO DESIGN AWARDS.
Organized by Adobo Magazine – country’s premier advertising and brand communications publication, Adobo Design Awards sought to recognize talents behind work since 2007.
There will be 2 categories. One is the professional category which is open to creative professionals, Philippine or foreign-based companies and individuals while the other is an Open/Theme Category for professionals, freelancers and students.
For the professional category, winners will be chosen on a stated purpose regardless of the formats: “Design for Purpose” (work that promotes an individual, product, company, brand or event) or “Design for Good” ( supports campaigns for a worthy cause, advocacy, CSR or public service).
For Open/Theme category, entries may be submitted in poster (graphic illustration) or video (motion graphics up to 7 minutes) promoting MANILA’S POP CULTURE.
aDA 2013 poster

To download the entry kit click HERE. For more information visit or contact Ched Dayot at 0906 359 9167 or through email at

Friday, March 1, 2013

Leaving Job
My last day at Work with my super happy friends Bea (right) and Rom (left)
Look how happy they are!
No regrets. I gained new friends, learn a lot and now is time to move forward.
Even though my horoscope tells me not to take big risks. I will, because I can. Winking smile