Friday, April 8, 2011


Kanto Life is my personal blog

Kanto means corner or sometimes referred to as street here in the Philippines.

Kanto life is a blog about whatever I see, I learned and experienced from different corners of life. 

It’s a blog reflecting my perception of living, dying and everything that moves or not.

This blog acknowledges each and every ones lives covered in every post and hope that through this, they influence or if not inspire another society.

You may also experience fragments that I hope you consider realizing. I don't know if that's an excuse of laziness, but sometimes I prefer to leave things that way. Not really unfinished but requires deeper understanding.


If you hate my english, and you think my grammars are incorrect, you’re free to criticize and comment so I may learn. I’m a proud Filipino anyway and english is just my second language.

Enjoy! Cheers!


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