Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Unusual Lumpiang Shanghai by Jo-El

Unusual Lumpiang Shanghai by Jo-El
Unusual Lumpiang Shanghai by Jo-El
Unusual Lumpiang Shanghai by Jo-El
What’s so unusual? Kasing laki siya ng TURON!!!
Unusual Lumpiang Shanghai by Jo-El
Unusual Lumpiang Shanghai by Jo-El
Unusual Lumpiang Shanghai by Jo-El Unusual Lumpiang Shanghai by Jo-El
Unusual Lumpiang Shanghai by Jo-El
Lumpiang Turon

Kokak Broke our Chair

A not so busy day

Juan Hapito
So what do you think am I doing there? LOL!

Old Spaghetti House

Old Spaghetti House

Filipino Bloggers Hub Acquaintance Party!!!

Pizza Party sa Bahay

Wooooozzz 3 box lang naman…
Pizza Party
Pizza Party
Pizza Party
Pizza Party
Pizza Party

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Filipino Bloggers Hub: An Acquaintance Party


In the cyber world where all bloggers are moving-in has become more challenging due to different trends that have been born from time to time in every click and tick of their finger on the mouse. As the blogger pursue their passion, they tend to produce more effective write-ups that are based on their experiences, observation and even with their own opinion.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Salacan Spring Resort in Guinayangan Quezon, Philippines

Salacan Resort Guiniyangan Quezon Philippines Review
If you’re from Manila I wont suggest that you travel this far just to experience a fresh water resort. I believe there are plenty near the area, but if you have been situated to Quezon Province and tired of plunging in the hot ocean, you may want to look for this resort hidden in the woods of Guinayangan, Quezon.
Salacan Resort Guiniyangan Quezon Philippines Review
Salacan Spring Resort is ideal for those who are looking for pools that doesn’t have chlorine content. The reason why they don’t have that much need of such is because the water is flowing from a stream passing to the pool.

It’s a fight between Jessica and Joshua

Since there’s a huge talk about American Idol finalist Jessica Sanchez here in our country, I decided to write a blog about my perception on her. This would probably sound biased because we all know that she is half Filipino, but try to watch her performances on AI and you will totally agree with me.
I’m not really an AI fan. I hate how the voting system works. ----- I think I’ve just hated almost all talent shows on TV. LOL! Anyway, the moment I heard Jessica singing I Will Always Love You, I got hypnotized and started watching her videos on youtube. She looks humble, but performs like a monster (I don’t mean any harm by this word. Haha) on stage. She’s incomparable with great performers here and abroad because of her distinct style, which you’ll notice on her every performances. Good thing, that style of her is very pleasant to the ears that you will never want to cover your ears while she’s singing. The judges really made the right decision of saving her.
Now down to top 3, Jessica is getting better and better. To tell you honestly, I’m excited on what she’s going to sing on the finale. If we’re going to disregard the votes, I think it’ll only be a fight between Jessica and Joshua. Both of their vocal adrenalins are impressive. Joshua is like a male version of Jessica and the same goes to Jessica is the female version of Joshua. Its not like I hate Joshua, but I just can’t notice him when being mixed with the two.
Whatever happen, Jessica is already a winner not just to Filipinos, but also in the heart of her fans around the world.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Barangay Lagyo, Gumaca Quezon Province: Immersing Back to my Mom’s Roots

“Immersing to a world only created inside your head is for me one of the best part of being a story teller.
It’s like you're being reincarnated back to life.
You discover new things and meet people similar to those characters in your imagination.
You suddenly start learning from children and appreciate stuffs like a mucus dripping from a baby’s nose. Oh yeah, its funny but real.”

Well the thing is in my search for the authenticity of this thing that keeps on running inside my brains, I decided to look back into my mother’s roots.
They live in Gumaca Quezon Province, a soon to be famous place in the Philippines. (LOL) But seriously, according to my uncle, Gumaca, which is famous with their AraƱa’t Baluarte Festival that happens every 3rd Friday or Saturday of  May,  is the number 1 municipality in Quezon Province this 2012. I just don’t know what else this municipality is famous of, but one thing is for sure, it is full of stories about our families heritage.
Our house is located at Barangay Lagyo, beside the sea, a mountain (which I don’t know the name), and a highway going to Bicol. My Lola told me that it was named after “Lagyo”, which means small sharks, because baby sharks used to lurk within the area.
It’s a tsunami free place because it is surrounded by Islands. Open-mouthed smile 
Lagyo is an urban place, though there’s already advancement in their water system, we still get our water from a well to take a bath. 
The old photos above is a proof that we’re rich before. Bwahahaha! I don’t know what year it was taken, but I believe rich people during that time are the only ones who are able to have themselves photographed. Unfortunately, I don’t know why we’re poor today. LOL!
Mom also used to tell me that when she was young, she always cut class just to roam around Bayan (Where Gumaca Public Market is Situated). My mom is not really a good girl, but she’s a good sister and a child in our family, and that’s according to my uncles.
I believe its everywhere in the Philippines, but Lambanog (Philippine Wine Vodka) looks very interesting to me.
During our trip, my Mom decided to visit the church and pray.

Saturday, May 12, 2012


My mind is circling like a hoolahoop on a child’s waist.
On the picture is my sister playing during one of our photo shoots.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Wishful thinking of an insatiable mind

I wish, that by the end of the world, aliens will recognize my existence through this stuffs I do in life.
I wish to hug a century old tree or older.
I wish to die young so I won’t see my love ones dying.
I wish to have a house like a zoo.
I wish I could breed friendly dinosaurs.
I wish to have an Aswang friend – I only have those who looks like one. I want a real one.
I wish to be in a planet that recognizes passion than fame.
I wish to stop getting addicted to those addictive activities of mine.
I wish I could kill a zombie.
I wish I can feed lolong with fresh meat, or if not, set him free somewhere he can never do any harm.
I wish to be born super gwapo in my next life.
I wish this writing would somehow make sense.
I wish you all the best in life.