Thursday, January 12, 2012

Start your year right with NUTRILITE

Aside from depression and stress, I believe the reason behind me getting over weight is irresponsibility. Eating becomes my hobby. I eat big time in the morning, lunch and dinner. I also crave for sweets every after meal. I’m not a picky eater. I never cared of getting fat so I eat everything unlike when I was still little. I love walking and swimming, but I never do it regularly. I lose little weight but gain a lot. I can eat more than 12 cups of rice in Inasal and even if many says sleeping after meal is bad, I’ve fun of doing it. I’m indeed a lazy irresponsible food monster.   
It’s now 2012 and I’m still over weight. I’m more than 70 kg now and my body age according to the dietician is 42 years old. The half of it is my age. The moment I knew about it, I got chills. I never fear death, but I fear obesity be the cause of my death. I may not fit in my coffin.
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Recently, I was invited by a co-blogger to an event at Taguig Market – Market. It was an AMWAY event so I thought of bringing my sister with me since she’s a member. Honestly, our family is a fanatic of the brand NUTRILITE, so before I went to the event I never got this stigma that its just a scam networking thingy like others. I stand as testament that it’s not. We’re an avid user of ACEROLA C, one of nutrilites’ vitamin C. Like many other vitamins, Acerola C is organic and doesn’t have therapeutic claims, but its the only vitamins we took that made every flu and illnesses away in just 2 to 3 tablets.
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Going back, the event titled LIVING IN FULL COLOR made me feel like starting my year right through a healthy lifestyle. They’ve set different health check booths which offers various activities like Fitness games, Free photo printouts and Body Mass Index, cholesterol and blood pressure check. It was really inspiring to see many young individuals lining up for a chance of a healthy lifestyle.
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The invitation was already overwhelming, they even provided us bloggers a chance to try nutrilite products and meet their new brand Ambassador ENCHONG DEE. (Honestly, I’m a fan of him since he’s still a swimmer)  Included in our PR kits are 6 day supply pack of DOUBLE X and Carb Blocker, which I know expensive, but if you’re a member you’ll get 30% discount.
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But wait there’s more! Ten lucky bloggers were chosen to join the bloggers edition of  NUTRILITE TRIM DOWN SHOWDOWN! WEIGH LOSS CHALLENGE. Luckily I was included and win an almost 7,000 worth of Weight Management Gift Pack which will surely help me a lot in my quest of achieving optimal health within 2 to 3 months.
Writing this blog, I’m now on my 5th day of following Nutrilite’s Weigh Management System. At first, its pretty hard to resists temptation, but the provided guidelines helps me a lot. Now I still eat regularly, I mean more often, but I also exercise a lot. I put my self in different recreational activities for the pass 4 days. I dance even though I’m not into the beat (alone ofcourse), I walk more, I swim, I sleep on the right time and at least do the required 10 minutes exercise everyday.
It may be hard, but I know it’ll be worth it.
For the following days, I’ll write about my journey! :D
If you want, we could do it together with the help of Nutrilite! Just like my fan page and or log on to and
Nutrilite and me are more than willing to help you! :D


  1. Everything over and under is bad. Just keep everything balanced dude. Kaya mo yan! :D

    Astig! nanalo ka pa! :D

    Thumbs up to all your recreational activities. Keep swimming :)