Monday, December 19, 2011

What’s so great about that expensive planner…

…if you can purchase a very affordable and earth friendly one like this
I’m not paid to promote such planners or bash any brands. Our family has been using planners from Papelmeroti since I was 12. For us, its simplicity makes it easier to organize events and dates to remember. Also, its petite and easy to keep. I remember keeping all my planners from 2007 to 9 and funny reminisce the events happened in the past years.  Unfortunately I lost it all when the water from my broken aquarium, which happens to be on the top of my shelves spill and spoil my writings. It leaves me no choice but to throw them away.
Fast forward to 2011, when I went to one of its branches in Glorietta, the store was already gone. Good thing I received a planner as a gift. 
Planner indeed is a great help to us, but should it really be expensive?
Instead of buying an expensive one, why don’t we just save it or donate it to the needy. With these, you just didn’t earn something, you also help others and the environment. <----- that is if the planner you bought is made out of a tree.   
Anyways, unlike any other planners, this one doesn’t have coupons in it. Its nothing but a planner that is made out of organic materials leaving one tree alive.
…and that’s what I like about it.

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