Monday, December 12, 2011

short film MERRY CHRISTMAS NAY, simply heart warming

IMG382 Jason Ariel as John Paul, looking at his collected coins inside the can
Filmmaking has been made easier now a days because of technology. I must know, because I’m a frustrated one. LOL! That is why many films proliferate everywhere. At festivals, Cinemas and on the internet, where we are able to upload, download videos or just stream it online. One thing that I really like about technology.
FxCam_1323684977957 Writer, Producer and Director Kaye Jimenez
The other thing I like about this, is when people use it for social change. Just like what Caritas Manila and Morning Star Productions did. They have created a short film for this Christmas entitled “Merry Christmas, Nay”, to encourage viewers support Caritas Manila Education Program for underprivileged Filipino Youth and enlighten them on the importance of education in once life. The premise of the story is simple yet captivating. Suitable for all ages. The looks of the film is commercial, very pleasing to the eye. Shots and angle were beautifully done.
Aside from its director, actors and story, the Post Production which happens to be did a very good job in making this independent film relatable, acceptable and stand out the crowd.  
FxCam_1323678960018 FxCam_1323678974602 FxCam_1323678985940
YSLEP performing a stage drama
Just a while ago, I was able to watch the 32 minute film at San Carlos Seminary Auditorium. Before it started, we had a mass followed by a presentation from the beneficiary group of this project, The Caritas Manila’s Youth Servant Leadership Education Program (YSLEP). After the film, we were treated by pure Filipino delicacies. Puto Bung Bong, Bibingka and Tsokolate YUM!
FxCam_1323685144807 yummy treats after the film screening!
This short film stars Lara Quigaman, Tommy Abuel and starring in his film debut, Jason Ariel.
Merry Christmas, Nay is available for viewing at
Enjoy! :D       
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