Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Segunda Mano


I’m a guilty user of second hand stuffs I bought from Ukay-Ukay. Not only I enjoy its quality, but I also feel like I’m recycling and somehow express my creativity in picking the right thing for me.  That is why I can relate to this movie offering of Star Cinema and MJM Pictures titled Segunda Mano.

It is indeed that were not sure with the owners of the things we buy from thrift shops. It might been collected or from people who has dark past and been hunted for unknown reason. This premise makes the movie more interesting to watch.

Also, the characters in the movie seems pretty interesting especially the one that will be portrayed by Angelica Panganiban. According to Star Cinema Press Release, Panganiban’s character will treat the audience to a big surprise. I only hope it’ll not be like the typical horror movie where in the end, the audience will realize that the character is already dead or has psychological problems etc. Also, I’m wishing that there will be no other woman/man thingy in this entry. LOL!

Kris Aquino plays an owner of a high-class but creepy antique shop while Ding Dong Dantes is a rich and successful architect recovering from pain after his wife left him for another man. Their characters will eventually cross paths as they fall in love with each other and encounter some chilling events. Putting their situations in a perilous test.

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