Monday, December 12, 2011

Say Hello to my Little FIGHTERS!

I started breeding Fighting Fish 2 months ago, and now there are plenty of them in this tank.


Well not really plenty as in many that they're almost crowded in my aquarium, I just can’t count them. I don’t even bother doing so because they’re so malilikot that I don’t even know what’s next.

FxCam_1323589102276 my little fighters in a palanggana

Today, I just finished washing their tank and upon separating them, I noticed they started having blue fins. Well some were mix with red while others seems to be albino. Hehehe.

It fills my heart with so much joy seeing them swim together without fighting at all. I know a day will come that they’ll fight each other so I’m enjoying their harmonious moment today.

Sorry, my CP camera cannot capture their beautiful/cute looks.

I don’t know the purpose why God made them fighters? They’re so beautiful creatures and I imagine a flock of them swimming in the river would be like seeing aquatic angels.

On the other side of my thoughts, maybe its just us who made them fighters to death , maybe they are not really that. Maybe we people are the reason why they fight to death? Hmmmmm…. Is there a legend about fighting fish? hmmmmmm….I’ll ask google.Cheers! :D

AFTER MINUTES OF SEARCHING I found this on wikipedia:

Male bettas do not 'fight to the death' under normal conditions of the wild life; once one fish has clearly won the encounter, the loser will retreat to a safe location. In an aquarium, however, there is no place to run, and the winning fish will continue to attack the loser, often ending in death. Therefore, two male betta splendens should not be kept in the same tank unless they are (a) separated by a dividing wall, (b) in a very large tank so they can establish territory, or (c) offered the cover of rocks or floating plants. 
SEE! So its wrong to keep them in small tanks with both male beta’s because most likely they’ll will just defend themselves resulting to hurting each other.    

So once they are all grown up, ill build them houses of their own. hahaha!

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