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Pokwang in a drama movie (A mother’s story)? Why not

I remember my classmate told me, “Nakaka-iyak kapag ang nagda-drama sa TV komedyante.”. So I tried watching an episode of Maalaala mo kaya starring Ai Ai Delas Alas. Indeed, it made me cry big time! <shameless confession>  From then on I started downloading drama movies and TV series/episodes where most of the lead actors are comedian like Ai-Ai, Dolphy, Tessie Tomas and even those International Actors. I don’t know but maybe there is something innate with them that make’s me love the story more even if the premise is simple. The feeling is so melancholic, it’s like being a child again, enjoying your Ice Cream in cone and then suddenly the clown you’re watching starts crying. I don’t know with you, but if I’m the child, I will also cry. Mababa talaga luha ko eh. Just like what happened a while ago during the Press Conference of A mother’s story. Where Pokwang started crying after being asked about how she sacrificed for her children and if she already have forgiven his ex-husband. Muntik na ko maiyak.
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Well, I really feel for her. I know it’s hard for a woman to stand alone and away to her children to provide their needs. Before Pokwang won a reality competition in ABS-CBN, she was an entertainer in other country. She raised her two children alone. Unfortunately, one of  them died because of brain tumor and she received nothing, even a single cent from his ex-husband upon asking for support. Now immersed to such experience, Pokwang will play a role very close to her heart. A mother.
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The story of this movie goes like this (I haven’t watch it pa ah), Pokwang will play the role of Medy, an OFW, influenced by her friend to go TNT (Tago ng Tago) in other country to try her luck and to bring good life for her family. Later on, she is force to come home empty handed finding her family in disarray with her children having issued against her and worse, her husband guilty of something that Medy never expected.
I even heard this movie received a standing ovation abroad.
If curiously, you’re wondering how American’s will react to this movie, (As you can see in the trailer, Medy’s employer there were so cruel) I think and I wish it will not reflect the majority naman. Zenedy Que, the writer said that the movie is based on a collective stories of different experiences abroad and he doesn’t mean that all OFW’s were being bullied by their employers there. Most of them are friends with their employers panga.
We all know naman that abuse is everywhere. It happens sometimes in people lives and maybe somehow, while making the story they thought it would be more dramatic if they include such scenario. To those people fighting on youtube comment box, this is just a movie and once again, the cruelty of Medy’s employers doesn’t reflect the majority of employers abroad. Owkie? :D   
I also hope people who’s going watch this movie have open minds to accept the fact that sometimes abuse really happens and the only way to stop it is to not participate or promulgate such act. And to those, who are deciding to leave the country for the belief of a better living, maybe this film can bring you a little inspiration and enable you to see what consequences ahead.   
The movie also stars Beth Tamayo, Xyriel Manabat, Nonie Buencamino, Ana Capri, Aaron Villaflor and Rayver Cruz, directed by John D. Lazatin, Written by Zenedy Que and will open here in the Philippines on January 8, 2012.
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