Saturday, December 10, 2011

I WON! Unboxing my NEW RADII’s!

Oh yeah! I won and urban athletics contest. Maybe they really got pity on me and made me their choice. Hahahahahaha!
FxCam_1323439518256 FxCam_1323439351012 FxCam_1323439368569
Now I’ll work out on being a good rapper <wooT? (O_o) oh know>, so I can wear my radii’s on stage. WAHAT? Wahahahahaha!
FxCam_1323436100676 FxCam_1323435425148 FxCam_1323435476717
Wait, since I wasn’t given the chance for a speech (hahaha wala naman talagang ganun). I’ll do it here.
FxCam_1323439867576 FxCam_1323439889235 FxCam_1323439933132
First Thank you God for giving me such talent, to my family (Mom ILOVEYOU)  who supported my all sorts of craziness and to all the people whom I should thank. Thanks also to and Urban Athletics for listening to my underrated wish. Thank you so much! Mabuhay!
Marry Christmas Hohohohhoho! Happy new Year also.  
Parang nanalo lang sa OSCARS! :D

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