Monday, December 19, 2011

Huwag mag-lashing, kung ayaw sa kalsada magishing!

FxCam_1324061379977 If you feel like I offended this guy, well, I didn’t mean to offend him. I just want him to set an example to those who wants to get drunk this holiday season
Before doing so, please make sure you can carry yourself home safe or else just stay were you get drunk. Huwag na magpumilit umuwi, you might encounter accident or trouble on the street. OWKIE?
Nako, especially this coming Christmas and New Year celebrations. You might get hurt while on your way home kasi andami ng explosives na nakakalat sa paligid nun. And if ever man na you’re going to throw up, please make sure huwag sa cementadong kalsada. Nakakadiri kasi. Kung di mo kayang pigiling magkalat don’t get yourself super drunk!
Drinking is Ok, but getting drunk and scandalous is your one ticket to shame baybeh!
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