Saturday, December 10, 2011

GANDIVA Cafe: pro to healthy way

At first glance, Gandiva seems to be like a gay thingy or something, but this is a Cafe. The only CAFE in the Philippines that offers only vegetarian meals. I tell you, you wont even notice you’re eating veggies. Yeah! For real! We were treated last December 9 at 7th floor One Corporate Center during their 1st bloggers night, and the experience was so fulfilling. 


It may not be obvious to my size, but I’m on diet. Great diet. And my wish is to only eat vegetables salad, but its kinda expensive and I sometimes I don’t like its taste. That is why, I 'am so much grateful to know Gandiva Cafe. The price of their meals is worth the appetite. And aside from the delectable food, they also offer healthy lifestyle thru sports. 

FxCam_1323428992505                              FxCam_1323427612890 

Inside is an Archery Range and different Facilities that offers different forms of exercise geared towards health and fitness. I also like the fact that its somehow relaxing because of its minimalist artistic decorations.   

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