Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Day I wash the Dishes…

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The Day I wash the dishes…
…is the day I ate a lot
why am I sharing this?
Oh well! Honestly I hate this work, but I have to do it. Wala naman kasi kaming katulong.
The reason why I hate doing the dishes is because, I have my OCness every time I do it. Its like I’m wasting lots of water. Hahahaha! that’s no excuse ah. But really, my process goes like this:
1. I’ll rinse all plates and utensils, when it looks and feel clean to me I’ll proceed to number 2.
2. Set aside everything and I’ll clean the sink. I have to make sure that the sink is shiny enough so that it looks clean to me. I hate washing dishes in a dirty looking sink, haysststttsss… Ka-artehan diba?
3. I’ll put dishwashing liquid on the sponge and wash all the dishes.
4. Rinse with flowing water. If its stagnant, ayawan na.
5. And so on and so for…
Diba? what a waste of water :(
I believe my habit in wasting water while washing the dishes should stop. It’s a process, and I know the day will come masasanay na ko.
Kasi I don’t want to wait for the time na mawawalan na tayo ng potable water diba? so I must learn how to conserve it while it last!

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