Monday, December 19, 2011


Its often for me to sleep in our sala since its pretty hot in my room, and with that, I frequently notice our comfort room, specially when I turn off the lights. Something runs in my head. Its creepy story I heard from a classmate residing in a government owned condo in Taguig just like ours here in Makati. Let me tell you the story:
It was pass 2 in the morning when a girl woke up from a deep sleep. She felt urinating so she went into their comfort room. The unit they stayed in is not that furnish yet so the pipes in the ceiling of their comfort room are still visible. It’s pretty huge pipes that carries water for those residing on the upper floor.
She turned on their yellow bulb lights creating a  not so clear ambience. She pull down her pants. Sit on bowl and urinate.
While doing her thing, she felt someone pulled her hair. She looked at her surrounding, and realized that she’s just alone in the comfort room there is nothing to fear about.
Then she felt was someone pushed her right arm. She was shocked in a moment and almost stop urinating because she was pushed hard. She then felt the same  to her left arm. Someone is really pushing her arms. It became intense when the pushing became frequent. She notice that it seems like someone is not pushing her but rather stepping her arms.
She looked up and saw a little child. Hanging for its life, like as if he committed suicide.
She wants to scream but suddenly the child look at her and smile.
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  1. katakot naman. binasa ko pa kung kelan matutulog na ko hehehe.