Saturday, December 17, 2011

CLAVEL 3rd Anniversary Party RAWR!

I need a pillow. I think I’m still suffering post party side effects! LOL!
Kidding aside, CLAVEL 3rd Anniversary Party at Museum Cafe at Greenbelt 4 last night Rocks! The overflowing alcohols, twisted giveaways, color your own sneakers thingy and girls in the Magazines cover, giving you a hand on choosing the right sneakers for your exclusive lifestyle made me stayed the whole night long.
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Aside to these, party rockin people enjoyed the invigorating beats and the release of 2011’s Volume 7 featuring Goldie Gannir and Volume 8 featuring Alena Rebnan. They also give away CLAVEL sneaker magazine Double Mixtape featuring Lace Em’ Up by Mix DAMNP and Ballin by DJ Aryan.
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CLAVEL Sneaker Magazine is a one of a kind Philippine publication that has a niche demographic, with a focus on high-end street wear and high-end sneakers. With its colorful pages, refreshing layout, exciting insights and impressive street wear fashion and sneaker features, it supplies the ins and outs of the street wear and sneaker world for all who want to know.  
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