Saturday, December 10, 2011

Brands that CLICK!

As blogger, I’m always up to new stuffs in the market, whether gadgets, clothing, food etc. Although sometimes I really can’t afford to buy everything, I just tend to know them very well, so that when the time come, I know what to buy and what to choose to stand out.

Here are some of the Brands that I have encountered during a bloggers event:

IMG244    IMG241 IMG245 IMG247 IMG248 IMG249 IMG250 IMG251 IMG252 IMG254 IMG256 IMG257 IMG258 IMG259 
During the event different Product Managers introduced us their newest gadgets like tablets with an enormous memory capacity (Archos Gen 9), Transformer Laptops (ASUS Transformer), Water Proof and Shock Proof Memory Card which I suggest to all extreme photography enthusiast (ScanDisk Extreme Pro), Affordable High-end RAM with “cool” cooler (Kingston Hyper X) and Quality LED monitors (BENQ).

See Photo’s Below for More Information.

 Print Kingston System-Specific Memory for Apple 20110519HMM三摺頁-EN-f HX_EN11.3 Christmas Promotion

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