Saturday, December 10, 2011

ARCHOS G9 tablets your personal choice


I always wish to have a tablet in hand, but later on I realized that having one would not be efficient for my lifestyle. Well if you don’t mind me saying, I can blog using my cellphone and aside from blogging, I also accept editing jobs whether Photo, Video or Audio. Sometimes, I even offer a creative advice and one thing that I always require my partner PC is a huge storage Hard Drive. Meaning, if ever I’ll be owning one, it’ll be just for browsing the internet or if ever I go back to volunteering as instructor, I surely could use it for presentation needs.

But my expectation to tablets seems to get off the hook when I got to know ARCHOS at events 55. At first I really thought its a CHINA stuff, (I don’t mean to offend a race, but this is our laymen's term of gadgets sold in cheap prices) well Archos, is a light year away from that, because it  is made from Germany. The brand has been existing for a long time and their roots are quality innovative storage devices, video cameras, mp3 players and now in the Philippines their venturing into tablets. 

IMG327 IMG333 IMG335
IMG332 Mr. Angelo Mendoza, Product Manager of Archos

What I really like about this, although, I still don’t have one, is its internal storage which is up to 250GB. The only tablet in the Philippines which has this big memory and also 3G ready. I’m also pretty sure its good for Cinephiles like me who often watch movies online, because aside from its being HD, it also has built in stand that would give you ease and comfort in your movie viewing mood. Aside from this, ARCHOS is powered by Texas Instruments Inc. OMAP™ 4 smart multi-core processor available in versions from 1GHz up to 1.5GHz and Android Honeycomb, which gives you access to a thousand of free downloadable applications online.
IMG338 I almost forgot, Aljur Abrenica is their Endorser.

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