Sunday, December 4, 2011


I went into facebook one day when I saw this video of a girl aborting her child with ofcourse the help of a doctor. Upon watching I thought not to give a damn reaction about it because I didn't understand the underneath description of the video. It was written in Spanish. I even thought maybe she's really in need of aborting the baby because its already dead, but when I translated its description using Google Translate, I almost cursed those people on the video.

Se extrae el líquido amniótico dentro de la bolsa que protege al bebé. Se introduce una larga aguja a través del abdomen de la madre, hasta la bolsa amniótica y se inyecta en su lugar una solución salina concentrada. El bebé ingiere esta solución que le producirá la muerte 12 horas más tarde por envenenamiento, deshidratación, hemorragia del cerebro y de otros órganos. Esta solución salina produce quemaduras graves en la piel del bebé. Unas horas más tarde, la madre comienza el parto y da a luz un bebé muerto o moribundo, muchas veces en movimiento. Este método se utiliza después de las 16 semanas de embarazo.

Here is the description in Spanish and when I translated it in English:

Amniotic fluid is drawn into the bag that protects the baby. A long needle is inserted through the mother's abdomen to the amniotic sac and injected in its place a concentrated salt solution. The baby swallows this solution will result in death 12 hours later by poisoning, dehydration, bleeding of the brain and other organs. This saline serious burns to baby's skin. A few hours later, the mother begins labor and gives birth to a stillborn or dying, often in motion. This method is used after 16 weeks of pregnancy. 

It became like a teach me how to kill video and I was like depressed and couldn't barely stand from where I'm sitting. These people seems to be needing Jesus in their lives, if they don't believe in him well then maybe atleast a heart.

Heaven does not need angels anymore, they've plenty of them their. Maybe, its us who needs it here on earth.   


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