Sunday, December 11, 2011

ABS-CBN’s TRIBUTE to the FASHION CZAR of ASIA: Jose “Pitoy” Moreno

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Have you ever experience watching something that is not really meant to be a tear jerker, but actually made you cry BIGTIME? Well, I just did. <Shameless confession>. I’ve only known Pitoy in the lyrics of Bongga Ka Day which has been one of my favorite music ever. And honestly, since I’m not really aware of Philippine Fashion History, I’ve never seen any of his work until today. ABS-CBN’s tribute to the Fashion Czar of Asia is not just inspiring to me but educational. It made me appreciate how we Filipinos should be proud of ourselves because we have something innate with each and everyone of us. And that I think is creativity. Its like if we don’t speak with our lips, we communicate through our Arts. And just like communication, Arts/Creativity is very vital to us Filipinos. I believe all of us has this spark and I only wish our education teaches Arts Appreciation just like what Pitoy does. He wants every Filipino artists carry our unique culture everywhere.
For me, despite many  other influences, Filipino Fashion is still the most elegant. Filipino designs still looks luxurious. I wish many Pinoy who watched tonight appreciates our own craft and continue making original outputs. I hate to say this, but most of the youth today loves costplay instead of designing their own. I don’t know costplay well, but most of the stuffs I see their are mimic from anime cartoons. Well if the rule of costplay is to impersonate japs cartoons, I dont like it. :(. Why not create an original Filipino costume and give character to it. If your a costplayer who reads my blog, I didn’t mean to offend you. I still salute your creativity, but then originality I think is still the best. 
I always believed that being true to yourself makes an authentic output.
I salute all Filipino Designers around the world! Mabuhay! :D  

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