Sunday, November 20, 2011


Last Friday November 18, 2011 at around 1 to 2 pm, me and my sister went to Ayala to inquire at Gold’s Gym. After that, we decided to go to my mom’s office because of the extreme heat outside. On our way to the jeepney stop, we spotted a not-so-nice and alarming scene from this guy -----I named him ------>MENONG. As you can see in the picture below, he’s standing there wearing a uniform of a Public Safety personnel.
Its alarming because if you’re going to take a closer look on his left hand, he’s sipping cigarette on a public place while in uniform. And his uniform state: PUBLIC SAFETY DEPARTMENT, which in my perception, he should be aware that what he is doing affects the public safety. Malala na kaya ang climate change!
close up
I wished to make him stop that time but he already went inside the jeepney. Before he closes the door of the transportation vehicle, he cut the lighted part of the cigarette. Maybe he wishes to use it again. He was then approached by a security guard. I didn’t hear their discussion but Menong seems to be so loud and fierce to Manong guard, akala ko nga lasing.
If people in the authorities continue doing such, who would want to follow them. This kind of doings in the Government should be eradicated so that no one will continue. On my part as ordinary citizen, aside reporting and blogging this case, the next thing I can do is not to mimic this kind of act.
DISCLAIMER: I did not mean to offend any people, race, culture, establishment etc. in this blog post. Thank you! :D

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