Thursday, November 17, 2011

I got pregnant while sleeping!

During Jim Libiran and Raymond Lee's Script Writing workshop at Fully booked, series of events happened only in my psyche.

These events got me pregnant of many ideas and concepts. Stories which moves my hands into writing. I made love with several experience and they are all flashing in front of my brains. It has formed several babies inside me.At first I thought abortion was the best thing to do but that was such a bloody crime. I can't just keep these babies, because If I do, they'll die, inside me, like as if I killed them much more than abortion.

Every time I touched my babies with speculations they cry. My babies only feeds with imaginations. Time will come that my babies will be released into the world of self proclaimed intelligent people with fake gadgets and slothy attitudes. Then they will criticize my babies so I need to feed them with right imaginations. I can't just let them enter this kind of world without me holding their hands. Whatever things will be thrown to them will also be mine.

I never wanted to be God but these babies will see me as they're creator. As what Jim Libiran said "your purpose is to continue creating Gods will".

I will continue creating babies and will give birth to many of them so that I can inspire others to do the same thing in Gods name, Amen!

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