Monday, November 21, 2011

How to lose your virginity

One of the main causes of over Population here the Philippines for me is early pregnancy. And probably the reasons are lack of education whether in a family or School level, misleading information, "curiosity to sex" generating ads on media  and the super "paghihigpit to me" that causes rebellion. 

This issue really alarmed me for some reasons, So because of that, I decided to share my knowledge on loosing virginity with style.  

photo from the movie THE VIRGINITY HIT
But first you have to define your own definition of virginity, what is it to you, and what are the things that you think is better than virginity? Do you think its better than money? than love? than your family?

DISCLAIMER: Whatever your definition of Virginity, my views on this blog post is still up to you to consider. 

1. Lose your virginity if you think its safe to lose it here.

- If you don't want to end up like Hayden Kho or Katrina Halili, be aware of hidden cameras. If not just stay home.
- Do you think your partner, whom lets say you've known for a year, is not a psycho like the guy in Human Centipede and the girl in the orphan? or maybe he/she has HIV! Do you want to loose your virginity to a person, who you just think is safe because he/she looks clean on the outside? but what about the inside? have you checked into his/her intestines? Bwahahahahahahha! 

2. Lose it if you think its worth loosing for.

- know the Pros and Cons (+ and - effects) of your decisions. Do you think your boyfriend or your girlfriend's eagerness to sex is worthy of loosing your virginity? If yes, then give it, cause I tell you, "YOU DON'T DESERVE IT". I would understand, if you've no choice but to loose it because you're illiterate and know nothing to earn easy cash for your family. ----> but still I'm not suggesting it. Look for other option.

3. Lose it if you're on the right age of loosing it.

- To Married Couple, come on! if you're 45 or 50 and still you don't want your husband or wife to touch you, give em a chance. I assure you, you'll enjoy it. :D

4. Lose it to the person who is willing to be with you forever.

- for girls, is he capable of taking care of a baby? Remember, you can get pregnant on your first sex. Is he egocentric or a family guy? Take time to think about this stuffs before loosing it.
- for boys, will she be good? <kidding there.) If you see the person you're about to make love with seems to be just a toy to you, dude, SHE'S  A HUMAN BEING with a SOUL. If that girl die, she'll hunt you till you die as well. I tell you. Madaming suicidal tendencies ngayon.

Now I hope you have fun reading this post and hopefully, you learned something. 

Love comments will be appreciated, Hate comments will still be accepted, 0 comments, carry lang :D