Thursday, November 17, 2011

Dancing inside

I'm a self confess addictus of singing. I love karaoke, and love it more singing with my friends. Although I mean to the bottom of my heart that my voice sucks, I still have the face to share my  forbidden talent to the ears of those who wants to hear it. Yeah! that's my spirit. 

Another thing that I always hope to develop in me (so that I can share it) is dancing. I don't know why but I really can't jive with the rhythm of any music whether jazz, pop, hip hop etc. Its like I have my own moves that is only suitable in other planet. Whenever I see people dance in style, I always feel like participating, but with the moves I have, I always stay hidden at the back of those glorious curtains.

The thought that comforts me after failing: "atleast I tried."

I've been a theater performer who knows nothing but to act, internalize and project an image inside my brain, convince my self that I'm a person who knows and have everything. I think that's how it should go in times that I envy stuffs I don't and can't have now. I just close my eyes and I dance inside. Feel like as if I have the same feet as them. Dancing, doing stuffs I cannot do in real life. 

Dreaming, I believe there is nothing wrong with it. Everything starts there. And the moment I stop dreaming, I also stop achieving anything.

Have a wonderful day. :D   


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