Wednesday, November 16, 2011

100 days to Heaven, Coming to an END

I remember watching the first episode of this TV show. That time I just have been curious with how the child actress (Xyriel Manabat) is going to portray the role of an old cunning woman. And I'm also wondering if the story would be just like another Conan or exchange of souls thingy, but I was wrong. 

To get you familiarize with this telenovela, the premise goes like this: Ms. Anna Manalastas is the mean, icy and cunning owner of a toy empire. One day, the car she is in explodes. Upon her death, Anna realizes she is about to go to Hell. But being a good negotiator, she strikes a deal with the Gate Keeper to give her a second chance at earning a ticket to Heaven. Anna is given 100 days to do good to those she had wronged in her life. But it won’t be as easy as she expects. Once on earth, she realizes that she is not back as her old self but as a helpless 7-year old.

From day 1, I got hooked and wish to never miss an episode, but It seems that I'm not the only person who fell in love with this Telenovela. The ratings began off the roof and as a viewer, I've thought, maybe they've extended and branched some stories for it to stay long on television. With such premise, many unexpected stories and twist can be easily entangled with, and indeed ABS-CBN profited on. Different Kapamilya Stars appeared and it began to be like a placement ad for upcoming Kapamilya Shows. Sometimes the story suffer because of that treatment but I think that's how commercialism works here in the Philippines. Even though, I still like the program because of the Actors very well portrayal of their roles. I will really miss this on primetime. :)        

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