Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Whats with me today?

I picture this day like any minute a string of fire from the sun will crash the earth and yet I'm still here blogging, hoping that if internet intelligence survived, I showed a proof of my existence.

For this entry, lets rewind 6 months from now. I graduated college (Bachelor of Integrated Arts, Major in Perfroming/Broadcast Arts). After that I didn't apply for any job. I refused offers and felt guilty about it. Alam mo yung feeling na you'll earn big amount of money pero you don't want to commit on to something na alam mo hindi ka magiging masaya. I settled with blogging and doing voluntary service under Red Cross.

I just feel so sure na mabubuhay ako even without big amount of money. I don't know, I just feel so secured with the small amount of stipend I received. I feel inexperienced and I want to learn things while having fun at the same time. Yes it may sound impossible, but nothing is to an optimistic heart. Alam ko everything will come to its end and I don't think its bad to enjoy things while it lasts.

I know its like Juan Tamad's philosophy, but I don't see my self being lazy at all naman. I found my self if not volunteering, writing on my notebook or shooting with my cam.

Oh! My Video Camera just died today. I can't blame the brand because the camera is older than me. Its like living for almost 25 years now and when it was given to me, naghihingalo na talaga siya.

I dream of owning a video camera that suits to beautifully capture the movement of life. I'm working on that dream now. Next year I'm sure I'll have that thing in my hands.

Yes, we need to pray for that next year. :)

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