Friday, October 21, 2011


There is an issue circulating Facebook today about how ABS-CBN's TV PATROL should have not brought up a question/poll that was said to compromise the peace talks between the Government and MILF or Moro Islamic Liberation Front. The question goes like this "Papayag ba kayo na itigil na peace talks at mag ALL OUT WAR na laban sa MILF?" 97 % voted yes.

Recently, 19 of our army soldiers were killed in an encounter with MILF. After such horrible loss, our President will still continue to push the Peace Talks with the rebels.
I have heard of plenty horror stories from the media and friends about how rebels brutally abuse some of their prey, which commonly are soldiers, and I share the same feeling to the families who lose their loves ones. Upon hearing such stories, I build grudges on that Liberation Front and concluded that they don't deserve to live. I think we need to fight them! Give them what we think they deserve. I proclaim (in my head) an ALL OUT WAR! Then I imagined my self being a hero. Holding a riffle or a sword, killing MILF troops one by one like what I see in the movies. Shouting in a crowd. Enjoying the moment, proud that I killed someone. Then I'll be idolized and will be given a higher rank/position, and I'll choose the incumbent from my family that will battle out with my opponents' incumbent.

Yes indeed, just like me, someone on the other side will also be idolized and will pass his morals to his next generation. Generation to generation there will be lots of fighting, killing and worst, genocide. Like it will never stop. Like a never ending story of murder. Bloody, gory, horrible. 
The orientation we learned from the media or the stories we hear should not be our only basis on deciding. Let us all be brave and consider the deaths of our love ones their way of inspiring us to continue fighting for the real definition of peace.War does not resolve anything, it'll only cause high death tolls and a big dam of tears.

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