Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Makukuha si Babae, Itaas ang kili-kili - My Nivea Silver Protect Review

I was browsing videos on Youtube when I suddenly found my self watching this video of NIVEA Silver Protect deodorant.

The commercial is intended for Thai(I' m not sure) viewers but it never fail to entice me. haha! I 'm a guilty user of Nivea for Men products and so I never miss to have Nivea Silver Protect. I like it because its not like others which is sticky and has weird odor. If your to use roll on, its just like putting water on your underarm while spray offer the same experience like other spray deo.

Mama is the one who introduced the benefits of silver in our family, and so thats one thing why I like this product. It has silver on it which is, we all know I think, that silver is an element that is used in ancient times because of its antibacterial properties.

Yes, indeed the 48 hour anti-perspirant protection is for real and so I only use it when I think I have to use it. Haha!

Last night I played at LazerXtreme along with my fellow bloggers and I tried Spraying the Silver Protect on my armpit. After an hour of extreme 2 rounds of tagging game, I still feel dry (underarm) even if my shirt is soaky wet. Bad thing our team loose.

Changing Currents:
Its weird that sometimes I wonder, if super heroes like SUPEMAN uses deodorant to attract girls. Hahaha!

Its because they are usually seen flying up up in the air with their underarm expose! 

But the real deal about using deodorant is not just actually to attract girls, its main purpose for me is to improve ones personal hygiene. But if you think deo's is bad and can only darken your armpit's skin, try using Calamansi or tawas, but dont blame me if you still smell after using such. :)
By the way, the Nivea Silver Protect is Available in 25ml and 50ml Roll On and 150ml Spray.
For more information about this product,and for a chance win exciting prizes dont forget to like their fan page on FB here: NIVEAFORMENPH


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