Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Letters are sweeter than chocolates

I don’t eat letters! What I mean to say is that today I tasked myself to go through my stuffs from the past to collect memories, only to find the sweetest things hidden in my room. Well the reason for this whole activity is because I’m on the process of rethinking things all over again to determine what I really want to do. You know how crazy people deal with themselves. LOL!

Here’s the catch…

In the utmost unseen part of my room, hidden was these letters I got for about 20 years of my existence. I kinda miss reading letters since the world today has gone digital that almost all things was controlled virtually even the way we communicate. As I remember things back then, there was a telephone, and then came the beeper and so as the cell phone.

Before, I remember my father joining competitions on TV by sending letters on the postal office, but since the hype of internet, competitions were done by emails, most number of likes, share etc. When we’re in need of something, it was made easy by the very affordable “texting” that would cost you 1.00 Peso for every message sent compare to snail mail. And it would probably waste your time and effort if you are only opt to say:

Dear Unknown,

What’s your name again?

Juan Hapito

….and then you’ll receive a feedback….

Dear Juan,

I’m your worst Nightmare

Worst Nightmare

Ok, going back. So inside my room I saw these letters which I kept for almost 20 years. I’ve read them one by one and it felt like a mountain of difference from reading a message from an email. Plus the fact that it comes in different forms, styles and content which will make you realize the efforts of the writer, writing a piece of his/her thoughts for you. Whether it’s for good or bad, you just can’t deny a numerous emotion coming from you reading a normal letter on a piece of paper.

So pleased I can’t help my self but take pictures of them. 

Here's the oldest I think. I got this back when I was 2nd grade. Yeah I think its 2nd grade

As I've said these letters comes in various forms. Enveloped, with ribbons, with folded papers, heart shapes, stationery etc.

sometimes, it may also be written in a tissue paper hahaha!

some of the letter senders are so creative they can't help it but draw stuffs LOL!

Also, the messages can be something about their angst on you or their hidden desire (WAHAHAHAHHA) and even their confusion about your sexuality haha!
even you can also get confused on the spelling of your own name because of the Alias you'll received.
Truly, letters are more endearing in this form than on text or emails. Its also sweeter than chocolates. 
I just don't know which is better, a phone call? or a video call? maybe on my next post. :)