Thursday, October 27, 2011


Maikling Kwento ng minsan kong mapatulan ang kalokohan ng kapatid ko.


ni Juan Hapito

“Ordinaryong babae lang si Pakita – nickname niya lang, ang tunay niya kasing pangalan Pilomina Aurora Kita. Hindi kagandahan, hindi rin naman ubod ng pangit, simple lang, yung hindi kapansin –pansin. Abot hanggang balikat ang buhok. Di katangusan ang ilong. Kahit anong suotin ok lang, yun bagang pang t-shirt at maong pants lang na babae. Kahit make-up’an mo ganun parin hitsura niya, mas maayos nga ata kung wala eh. Kung boobs naman pag-uusapan natin, uhhhmmmm, kasi wala akong alam sa mga cap cap eh basta hindi kalakihan, minsan nga parang magic eh kelangan mo pang hanapin. Pero nag-eexist naman siya. Yun nga lang, hindi lang talaga siya yung tulad na iba na talk of the town.

Isang semester na lang gagraduate na si Pakita sa kolehiyo at siya na lang ata sa mga kaklase niya sa kursong Broadcast Arts ang wala pang, ni isa, na manliligaw.

Tulad ng ibang babae, pakipot din si Pakita, hindi magigive in agad agad kahit ganun lang ang hitsura niya, pero hindi naman niya nagagamit iyon kasi nga wala din namang nagtatangka. At tulad din ng ibang babae sa kurso niya, minsan, lumalandi din siya, yung landi na tinutukoy ko hindi yung landing iniisip niyo ah. Ang ibig kong sabihin, nagkaka-crush din siya at kinikilig din pag may dadaan na pogi sa harapan niya halimbawa.

Si Pakita, hindi naiiba sa ibang ordinaryong babae, alam niya kung ano ang gusto niya at sa kahit anong paraan ginagawa niya ang lahat makuha lang ito.

Friday, October 21, 2011


There is an issue circulating Facebook today about how ABS-CBN's TV PATROL should have not brought up a question/poll that was said to compromise the peace talks between the Government and MILF or Moro Islamic Liberation Front. The question goes like this "Papayag ba kayo na itigil na peace talks at mag ALL OUT WAR na laban sa MILF?" 97 % voted yes.

Recently, 19 of our army soldiers were killed in an encounter with MILF. After such horrible loss, our President will still continue to push the Peace Talks with the rebels.
I have heard of plenty horror stories from the media and friends about how rebels brutally abuse some of their prey, which commonly are soldiers, and I share the same feeling to the families who lose their loves ones. Upon hearing such stories, I build grudges on that Liberation Front and concluded that they don't deserve to live. I think we need to fight them! Give them what we think they deserve. I proclaim (in my head) an ALL OUT WAR! Then I imagined my self being a hero. Holding a riffle or a sword, killing MILF troops one by one like what I see in the movies. Shouting in a crowd. Enjoying the moment, proud that I killed someone. Then I'll be idolized and will be given a higher rank/position, and I'll choose the incumbent from my family that will battle out with my opponents' incumbent.

Yes indeed, just like me, someone on the other side will also be idolized and will pass his morals to his next generation. Generation to generation there will be lots of fighting, killing and worst, genocide. Like it will never stop. Like a never ending story of murder. Bloody, gory, horrible. 
The orientation we learned from the media or the stories we hear should not be our only basis on deciding. Let us all be brave and consider the deaths of our love ones their way of inspiring us to continue fighting for the real definition of peace.War does not resolve anything, it'll only cause high death tolls and a big dam of tears.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

I wish to run at NATHAN RIDGE RUN...

...though I'm not really a fan of running. :)

It was a sunny day back then when my Tita invited us to Tagaytay Highlands. I remember me being in great doubt because I feel like I'm not going to enjoy Tagaytay. I've been there a  lot of times during my childhood and I don't usually enjoy party's and old people stuffs there. 

To cut this long story short, I joined, and were inside a mini bus when I glanced at the same scenery Tagaytay offer. In my head, "This'll be a one hell boring day", but then our bus diverted its way to a much higher grounds exposing the hidden beauty of the place. The next thing I saw from above were matchbox like houses with elegant designs. When we leave the bus, I feel like I'm in another country. Super cool fresh air, there were cable cars, plate like swimming pools, mini zoo, fish ponds, Chinese like Pagoda Restaurants etc etc... It was such beauty that I'm so much proud I step in to. 

who would not enjoy this? Grabeh!
 Now that I'm turning twenty one (21), I wish could go back there and enjoy everything just like how I enjoyed it when I was ten (10). So I was planning to join this run (if ever given a chance to. LOL!) on November 20, 2011 organized by NATHAN PERFORMANCE GEAR. The brand is actually known in multi-sport accessory and their goal for this run is to challenge Filipino runners in a unique test of athleticism, endurance while appreciating the environment. And Yes! It'll be held in Tagaytay Highlands that's why I'm hoping I could join (kahit sabit lang hahaha!). Just like other race, it has divisions of 5k, 10k to 21k, the only thing it differs from other race, I think, is with its commitment to its advocacy. Because they'll be providing this cute handheld bottles (refer to the picture below) included in the race kit to avoid trashy plastic cups which is always present in different race. 

5K – P850 (singlet, Nathan Sprint handheld, post-race meal)
10K – P1,050 (singlet, Nathan Quickdraw Plus handheld, post-race meal)
21K – P1,050 (singlet, Nathan Quickdraw Plus handheld, post-race meal)

.O.X. (Bonifacio High Street Taguig, Marquee Mall Pampanga)
Runnr (Trinoma Quezon City)
Secondwind (Malingap St. Quezon City, Ortigas Home Depot)
A Runner’s Circle (Roxas Blvd. Manila)
The Starting Line (Westgate Alabang)
Res|Toe|Run (Nuvali Sta. Rosa, Festival Mall)

for more information visit Nathan Ridge Run on facebook

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

PAINTINGS ON SHIRT: Vicente Manansala, Freeway Featured Artist

"Painting is my life, if I stop painting, I stop breathing" - Vicente Manansala (1910 - 1981), National Artist for Visual Arts.

It is common for me to see paintings on Museum and prestige galleria, but to wear one would be exceptional. That's what I like about Freeway, they just not make you observe Art. but also make you study and experience it.

I've been a fan since 2009, when they introduced their National Artist Collection Series, starting with Nick Joaquin ( NA for Literature), followed by Ang KiuKok ( NA for Visual Arts), Jose Garcia Villa ( NA for Literature), Ramon Valera ( NA for Fashion Design), F. Sionil Jose ( NA for Literature) and now Vicente Manansala (NA for Visual Arts); famous in his reinterpreted or indigenized cubism style, he drew his themes from the familiar Filipino environment.   

The collection was launched last night at Glorietta 5, hosted by Divine Lee and Tim Yap. Just like the models they're wearing Manasala Collection. Unfortunately, Male stuffs are not yet available so It leaves me no choice but to envy Tim Yap's coat. 

(from right) Maritess Mendoza-Pineda, President of Friends of Manansala Foundation, Cedie Lopez-Vargas of the The Lopez Museum and Ronna Manansala, granddaughter of Vicente Manansala

The event was like a commemoration for the National Artist since they invited friends and relatives of the late Vicente Manansala to share interesting stories about him.

I also enjoyed watching artist from Kunst Filipino Group do live sketching at the ground floor of G5. 

I actually have my favorite (the picture below) . 

To see more photos like Juan Hapito on Facebook and to know more about these awesome collection like FREEWAY ONLINE also on Facebook or visit  and get a chance to win a Blacberry Phone on 11.11.11.


Wednesday, October 12, 2011


I heard about this theater performance long ago when I was still a child and now that I' m turning 21, I've lots of things to wish like a new video camera,  a puppy, a new pair of red fighting fish and recently, I wish to watch STOMP live. Haha!

They're here in the Philippines and about to perform on the 18th of October at CCP Main Theater. But if ever I miss the chance, I'll just buy a DVD of their performance just like the cirque du soleil haha! I don't always get what I want and things doesn't always happen according to plans so I always suggest everyone to prepare a plan B. :D


Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Makukuha si Babae, Itaas ang kili-kili - My Nivea Silver Protect Review

I was browsing videos on Youtube when I suddenly found my self watching this video of NIVEA Silver Protect deodorant.

The commercial is intended for Thai(I' m not sure) viewers but it never fail to entice me. haha! I 'm a guilty user of Nivea for Men products and so I never miss to have Nivea Silver Protect. I like it because its not like others which is sticky and has weird odor. If your to use roll on, its just like putting water on your underarm while spray offer the same experience like other spray deo.

Mama is the one who introduced the benefits of silver in our family, and so thats one thing why I like this product. It has silver on it which is, we all know I think, that silver is an element that is used in ancient times because of its antibacterial properties.

Yes, indeed the 48 hour anti-perspirant protection is for real and so I only use it when I think I have to use it. Haha!

Last night I played at LazerXtreme along with my fellow bloggers and I tried Spraying the Silver Protect on my armpit. After an hour of extreme 2 rounds of tagging game, I still feel dry (underarm) even if my shirt is soaky wet. Bad thing our team loose.

Changing Currents:
Its weird that sometimes I wonder, if super heroes like SUPEMAN uses deodorant to attract girls. Hahaha!

Its because they are usually seen flying up up in the air with their underarm expose! 

But the real deal about using deodorant is not just actually to attract girls, its main purpose for me is to improve ones personal hygiene. But if you think deo's is bad and can only darken your armpit's skin, try using Calamansi or tawas, but dont blame me if you still smell after using such. :)
By the way, the Nivea Silver Protect is Available in 25ml and 50ml Roll On and 150ml Spray.
For more information about this product,and for a chance win exciting prizes dont forget to like their fan page on FB here: NIVEAFORMENPH

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Choco on the loose

Inspired by my turtle's photo, I realized how conflicts should be taken not personally but as normal happenings in our lives. Because if so, we can easily overcome problems and move on to the next. Hahaha!

Honestly, I don't know what's up with my turtle (Choco). I just saw him trying to climb our stairs. he usually stays in our garden, maybe he's just up to something. :) 

Do not throw your babies! Give it to me if you don't like it!

I'm so pissed and melancholic at the same time with all the things happening today. 
First a Makati City Official was ambushed early this morning.

Second, my camera went to heaven.

Third and the most disturbing I think is seeing these picture taken by Mr. Gu Jun Pio (screen name, obviously) from Mandaue City, Cebu.

Come to think of it, what went through the brain of the mother of this angel. Grabe oh! 

If she can't feed such, then she should've just give it to someone! kahit sakin tatanggapin ko yan ARGH!
If she's thinking, that if she gives it to someone, she'll only be scared of the day na magkaka-face to face sila at mamatay siya sa konsensiya, just look now!

Poor Child, now if your planning to abort your baby or even throw it in the river, you can contact me through FB or twitter and surely I'll help you sa mga pinag-dadaanan mo, the best I can!

RIP Video Camera

Today, officially is the death of the Analog Hi8 video camera I borrowed :(

That camera is older than me.

Haaaayyyyy.... I used that camera in studying shots, nakapag-shoot din kami ng 3 video and madaming ka-ek ekan sa youtube gamit siya pero wala na kong magagawa. Pumanaw na siya.

Its the charger actually na unang nasira, then nagulat ako pati yung Camera nagsuicide na.

See you in heaven Camera!

I will miss you! :(

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Letters are sweeter than chocolates

I don’t eat letters! What I mean to say is that today I tasked myself to go through my stuffs from the past to collect memories, only to find the sweetest things hidden in my room. Well the reason for this whole activity is because I’m on the process of rethinking things all over again to determine what I really want to do. You know how crazy people deal with themselves. LOL!

Here’s the catch…

In the utmost unseen part of my room, hidden was these letters I got for about 20 years of my existence. I kinda miss reading letters since the world today has gone digital that almost all things was controlled virtually even the way we communicate. As I remember things back then, there was a telephone, and then came the beeper and so as the cell phone.

Before, I remember my father joining competitions on TV by sending letters on the postal office, but since the hype of internet, competitions were done by emails, most number of likes, share etc. When we’re in need of something, it was made easy by the very affordable “texting” that would cost you 1.00 Peso for every message sent compare to snail mail. And it would probably waste your time and effort if you are only opt to say:

Dear Unknown,

What’s your name again?

Juan Hapito

….and then you’ll receive a feedback….

Dear Juan,

I’m your worst Nightmare

Worst Nightmare

Ok, going back. So inside my room I saw these letters which I kept for almost 20 years. I’ve read them one by one and it felt like a mountain of difference from reading a message from an email. Plus the fact that it comes in different forms, styles and content which will make you realize the efforts of the writer, writing a piece of his/her thoughts for you. Whether it’s for good or bad, you just can’t deny a numerous emotion coming from you reading a normal letter on a piece of paper.

So pleased I can’t help my self but take pictures of them. 

Here's the oldest I think. I got this back when I was 2nd grade. Yeah I think its 2nd grade

As I've said these letters comes in various forms. Enveloped, with ribbons, with folded papers, heart shapes, stationery etc.

sometimes, it may also be written in a tissue paper hahaha!

some of the letter senders are so creative they can't help it but draw stuffs LOL!

Also, the messages can be something about their angst on you or their hidden desire (WAHAHAHAHHA) and even their confusion about your sexuality haha!
even you can also get confused on the spelling of your own name because of the Alias you'll received.
Truly, letters are more endearing in this form than on text or emails. Its also sweeter than chocolates. 
I just don't know which is better, a phone call? or a video call? maybe on my next post. :)

Whats with me today?

I picture this day like any minute a string of fire from the sun will crash the earth and yet I'm still here blogging, hoping that if internet intelligence survived, I showed a proof of my existence.

For this entry, lets rewind 6 months from now. I graduated college (Bachelor of Integrated Arts, Major in Perfroming/Broadcast Arts). After that I didn't apply for any job. I refused offers and felt guilty about it. Alam mo yung feeling na you'll earn big amount of money pero you don't want to commit on to something na alam mo hindi ka magiging masaya. I settled with blogging and doing voluntary service under Red Cross.

I just feel so sure na mabubuhay ako even without big amount of money. I don't know, I just feel so secured with the small amount of stipend I received. I feel inexperienced and I want to learn things while having fun at the same time. Yes it may sound impossible, but nothing is to an optimistic heart. Alam ko everything will come to its end and I don't think its bad to enjoy things while it lasts.

I know its like Juan Tamad's philosophy, but I don't see my self being lazy at all naman. I found my self if not volunteering, writing on my notebook or shooting with my cam.

Oh! My Video Camera just died today. I can't blame the brand because the camera is older than me. Its like living for almost 25 years now and when it was given to me, naghihingalo na talaga siya.

I dream of owning a video camera that suits to beautifully capture the movement of life. I'm working on that dream now. Next year I'm sure I'll have that thing in my hands.

Yes, we need to pray for that next year. :)