Wednesday, August 24, 2011

My Intense Diamond Peel Experience at Clarity

I just had my Diamond Peel today for the first time and I never expect it would feel and look this good. I would like to thank the staffs and crew of Clarity Market - Market Taguig for providing me a very accommodating and warm service. If its not because of them, my wrong perception on Diamond Peel wouldn't be different up to know. 

Before, I thought D.Peel is a painful procedure like the facial treatment. I have small pain resistance and I don't think pricking out pimples, white and black heads out of your pores during facial treatment is not painful. I thought D.Peel is the same, but Clarity proved to me that I'm wrong. It's actually relaxing that during the application of some fluids on my face, I almost fell asleep.   

The treatment actually exfoliates our skin to easily removed dead skin cells without surgery or any other toxic solutions that may have side effects. During the procedure, the specialist (I forgot her name) puts on several layer of fluids on my face (sometimes cold, sometimes odorless but sometimes it has good smell), massage it thoroughly and the last thing she did was to vacuum my face using a tube like....I don't really know what's that but it feels and sounds good. I mean the sucking sound, sounds good. It's like your face skin is being torn apart. Ooooopppppssss I forgot, she also applied sun block so that I can go outside and have fun. LOL!

The result is wonderful. My skin turns pink. After another session of D. Peel, I think I'll focus on my hair! I need Hair Make Over! BIG TIME! BEEEEENNNNG!     

If you also want to try what I experienced, you can visit Clarity webpage and set an appointment with their specialist.


  1. Wanna ask sana if how much was it? reall hate the white and blackheads all over my face..

    1. Hi June, I believe up to now its still 1k per session