Friday, August 12, 2011


Imagine yourself stuck inside an air-conditioned hotel room while lying on a comfortable bed amidst the heat outside. Awesome right? That's how my mouth feels every time I use Close up fire freeze toothpaste.

Honestly, I grew up using different toothpaste brand and I never experienced such results as this one. It has a cool and hot sensation that is hard to explain, but according to this commercial, it is the result of the dual gel. The red one kills odor-bacteria causing bad breathe while the blue gel gives long lasting fresh breath.
The product was introduced to me when we played LazerXtreme at Taguig, Market Market. But before playing, I ate lots of Pepperoni Pizzas and Tacos which caused me annoying breath and leads me go brushing using Close up Fire Freeze. 

At first, it was just an ordinary toothpaste to me, because I've been using Close up products before and I don't have any issues with branding. But after 30 minutes of playing lazer tag, I was surprised. I can still feel the freshness inside my mouth. 

After another 30 minutes of chatting with my colleagues and eating, I really have no doubt that close ups' newest innovation is a supreme brand. The synergism of warm and cold sensation was surprisingly long lasting. I came home for like 12 mn (1 hour after the whole activity ) and I can still feel the sensation inside, but of course not like the same sensation I felt after brushing.  

Honestly, there is nothing I don't like about this product. Truly, a remarkable toothpaste fit for all KantoLife readers! I tried it already and my friends also did, I think its now time for you to try it as well or be left out wasting your bucks with toothpaste with promises only seen on its advertisements.  

for more information about this brand like Close Up Philippines of Facebook.

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