Wednesday, August 24, 2011

My Intense Diamond Peel Experience at Clarity

I just had my Diamond Peel today for the first time and I never expect it would feel and look this good. I would like to thank the staffs and crew of Clarity Market - Market Taguig for providing me a very accommodating and warm service. If its not because of them, my wrong perception on Diamond Peel wouldn't be different up to know. 

Before, I thought D.Peel is a painful procedure like the facial treatment. I have small pain resistance and I don't think pricking out pimples, white and black heads out of your pores during facial treatment is not painful. I thought D.Peel is the same, but Clarity proved to me that I'm wrong. It's actually relaxing that during the application of some fluids on my face, I almost fell asleep.   

Friday, August 12, 2011


Imagine yourself stuck inside an air-conditioned hotel room while lying on a comfortable bed amidst the heat outside. Awesome right? That's how my mouth feels every time I use Close up fire freeze toothpaste.

Honestly, I grew up using different toothpaste brand and I never experienced such results as this one. It has a cool and hot sensation that is hard to explain, but according to this commercial, it is the result of the dual gel. The red one kills odor-bacteria causing bad breathe while the blue gel gives long lasting fresh breath.