Sunday, July 3, 2011

My ears gone fierce with URBANEARS! (bagis review)

My earphones got busted while editing a video on my computer. Only the left earpiece is functioning. I remember I just bought it for like two (2) weeks before and now it’s broken. The feeling was really depressing because I’m required not to open the speakers as everybody in the house is in their deep sleep. I’ve no choice but to stop what I’m doing and force myself to sleep as well. Good thing, the next morning I was invited to do a review about Urbanears Earphones.

Well for everybody who does not know URBANEARS, it’s a company that produces very fashionable earphones. They are minimalist in design yet can blend in high fashion styles. They’re earphones are very efficient in almost everybody’s lifestyle. To show you proofs, here’s their spring summer 2011 collection:


If you’re a fan of 80’s looking gadget, definitely TANTO is your music guy. Its light weight and can be carried anywhere like a head band. It is also good if you want to use it for sports because even when it’s in your ears, you can opt to hear the environment sounds like the very sporty looking model MEDIS. 

MEDIS is the type of earphones that has Ear Click Solution which secures the earpiece in place even in shaky situations. I think it’s good for jogging or whatever daily sports you do. I’ve never tried it, but with its brand name, I've no doubts.-----I'm kinda bias, because I really like these gadgets.

PLATTAN is my favorite not just because of its cool looks but also because of its functionality of sharing. You can actually share to friend what you are listening to through a plug on its right earpiece. But I haven’t tried it yet because what I have here is the model BAGIS ---which is the focus of this review. Mine is black and it’s very efficient to me because it’s not just handy, it also goes with what I wear.

I tried it once in my Cherry Mobile phone, but it seems not compatible as I heard lots of feedback and scratches. I found it compatible with almost all 3.5mm (which is the standard) plug. It’s good for IPhones, IPod and IPad because of the remote function. You can choose songs even without seeing your touch screen.

My personal choice for my Bagis Sleeves (the ear piece covering) is the smallest because it holds in my ear best. The model Bagis definitely speaks credible with its functions. Just like plattan, you will never hear the environment sounds while it’s in your ears. The sound is crystal clear and controlled, making every resonance nice to hear. I recommend this device for indoor use and if you’re a person who don’t want disturbance while doing your thing. The microphone works as well as the sounds it produces when I used it for calling a friend.

The price could be heavy to some of us but I’m pretty sure of your satisfaction in using this device.

Now if you want to purchase yours, all you need to do is log on to
or visit them on facebook at

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  1. I had the same story, I bought a beats OEM and i left it plugged on my computer with a freaking loud sound, it still works but i hear noise on the left earpiece and it's not tolerable specially when I'm sleeping with it.