Sunday, July 3, 2011

ME & NIVEA FOR MEN: Whitening Cleanser Scrub REVIEW
I’m not alike with those good looking guys we see on magazines and TV. I’m just an ordinary dude who does usual things like you. I’m not also that kind of OC on the way I look. In fact, I could go outside our house and face people without even combing my curly hair. Honestly, if we’re going to talk about my hair, that will be a long story, but to cut the chase, “whatever shampoo” I use even for weeks will only provide me short term effects. To be more precise with the term whatever shampoo, I’m the only guy in our family since my dad is away and it leaves me no choice but to use a so said family shampoo that’s truly fit for the girls.

Yes indeed, I’m a guilty user of girly stuffs and very often I feel not satisfied with its effects, especially when we talk about facial care.

There was a time when me and my mom went into Rustans and passed by a rack full of facial cares. I then notice this facial wash for men and thought of giving it a try even though I never saw it commercials in the local television channels. (I’m not pretty sure, but I think I saw it somewhere in cable channels)

The product is NIVEA for MEN Whitening Cleanser and SCRUB 10 in 1. You’ll get this (100grams container) at the price of 160php ---- if not; well I got mine at such price. Don’t worry they this smaller one for like 80php only.

At the back of the containers it’s written that this is a Whitening Nutri – Repair Acne Oil control facial cleanser and scrub. It has nutrients of Gingko, Ginseng extract, Licorine extract, Pro Vitamin B5 and Vitamin E.

The 10 in 1 solution includes the following:
  1. Deeply cleanses and removes impurities for clearer skin
  2. Exfoliates dead skin cells to prevent blackheads
  3. refines and unclog pores
  4. Brighten skin
  5. Helps to whiten even out skin tone
  6. stimulates skin regeneration
  7. Regulates oil production for long lasting oil control care
  8. Helps to prevent acne caused by excess oil
  9. Prevent skin from feeling dry and taut
  10. Gives smoother and healthier looking skin

I’ve been using it for like one (1) to three (3) times a day (in the morning, after bath, before I sleep) for three (3) months now. And I tell you, the 100 grams container is way too many to consume in just a month yet very effective on me.

I have big problems with white and black heads on my nose and approximately 90% of it was gone in two (2) weeks. I also have excessive oily face but I don’t like the fact of not having oil on my face at all, because it gives me pimples and dry skin in return. I’m very active outside working under the sun and since I used this, the oiliness was controlled even at long hours after use. The dryness and pimples was also prevented. My face got even smoother and looks brighter than before.

I also found its container (literally) neat. It’s not like others that spills out upon usage. Honestly, there is nothing I don’t like about the product. I like it much; I even bring it to places I go to.

Since I used this, I seldom use face powder.


  1. is this safe to use daily? since it's a scrub from what i read your not supposed to use it daily.tnx

  2. I believe the use is up to you. As, you have read, I've been using it for like 3x a day and it does not harm my face at all. :)


  3. What other product do you use before/after applying this? Thanks!

  4. using this twice a day. one in the morning, and another in the evening, then nivea for men moisturizer after wash. so far, i'm loving this product.

  5. Hi,
    How much po price nito dito sa Pinas?
    ~Pauline @Kallony

  6. @pauline reyes i've bought mine for 180-200 i can't remember.

  7. i've bought mine in Rustan's for P184.00. been using it for a week now, once/twice a day only. It's not as refreshing(cooling effect) & not much "instant" whitening effect face wash as what i've been using before (Master Whitening facial wash), but unlike my former face wash, this Nivea facial scrub makes my skin feels smoother & moisturized. And i also kinda like it's slightly masculine scent.

  8. I hope this product is effective to me :3